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Driving Better Outcomes through Workforce Analytics Webcast

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eXo Accelerates Cloud-based Development for Google App Engine

June 28, 2012 No Comments

SOURCE: TECHMarket Communications

Developers Can Now Build, Debug and Deploy Java and Python Apps Directly to App Engine from eXo Cloud IDE

  • Full Java development environment — from code, debug to deploy — in the cloud
  • Free access at
  • Video demo on how to deploy apps to Google App Engine from eXo Cloud IDE in five minutes:

Google I/O — SAN FRANCISCO — June 28, 2012 — eXo, the user experience platform-as-a-service (UXPaaS) company, today announced during the Google I/O developers conference that its cloud-based integrated development environment, eXo Cloud IDE, now integrates with Google App Engine. Developers building Java or Python applications for Google App Engine can now develop, debug, deploy and manage their applications through a browser — entirely online. eXo Cloud IDE is available today and offered free of charge, and users can sign up for accounts at

“eXo Cloud IDE for Google App Engine makes it easy for developers to develop, debug and deploy web apps directly to the Google App Engine,” said Google App Engine Product Manager Chris Ramsdale. “It’s a full-featured, web-based IDE that makes it extremely easy for developers to get up and running, building great applications that run on Google’s infrastructure.”

Because they can access their eXo Cloud IDE-based projects from any browser, developers can work from any location, any time. They are no longer tethered to a single development machine; working with Cloud IDE, developers can be productive anywhere, anytime.

“Since eXo started the Cloud IDE project back in 2010, our objective has been to make developers more productive in building and deploying cloud-based apps,” says Mark Downey, product manager for eXo Cloud Services. “We’ve made it easy to import code from GitHub. We’ve made it easy to build and debug that code. We have tried to make the development workflow as painless as possible by providing a smooth integration with popular cloud services — from source control to application hosting — and now we’re bringing that integration to the Google App Engine world.”

eXo Cloud IDE supports both Google App Engine for Java as well as Google App Engine for Python natively.

Expanding PaaS Support

eXo Cloud IDE has already attracted thousands of development teams because of its support for a wide range of PaaS environments, including Red Hat OpenShift, Salesforce Heroku, CloudBees, and VMware Cloud Foundry. By adding Google App Engine to its roster of supported PaaS environments, those development teams now have an easy on-ramp to the Google App Engine environment. Linking a Google App Engine account to eXo Cloud IDE is a simple process that takes only seconds — no need to download and configure separate tools. In all, a developer new to eXo Cloud IDE could create a new project, connect to GitHub, debug and deploy an app directly to Google App Engine, without leaving the browser — in under five minutes.

Pricing and Availability

eXo Cloud IDE is offered free of charge. Developers can sign up today, connect their Cloud IDE accounts to their GitHub and/or Google App Engine accounts, and be developing apps for Google App Engine within minutes. To sign up, visit

For more information on eXo, including information about eXo Cloud IDE, eXo Cloud Workspaces and eXo Platform 3.5, please visit For news and updates from eXo, follow, @exoplatform and

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About eXo

eXo brings together social tools and enterprise portal functionality in a single extensible platform that enables users to connect and collaborate more productively. On-prem or cloud-based solutions built on eXo Platform can scale from small team to full enterprise size and be accessed securely from desktop or mobile devices. eXo Cloud IDE, a SaaS offering based on eXo Platform, offers a multi-tenant hosted development environment that enables the collaborative creation of applications based on HTML, Java, Groovy, Spring, PHP, Ruby and more—all of which can be deployed directly to a PaaS environment. Hundreds of large organizations — in sectors ranging from government and financial services to telecom — use eXo products today, as do thousands of enterprises in other sectors through the company’s strategic partnership with Red Hat. eXo operates globally and has offices in the United States, France, Tunisia, Ukraine and Vietnam. For news and updates from eXo, visit, and follow, @exoplatform and


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