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Expereo named Best Global WAN Provider of 2019 by the Carrier Community

May 16, 2019 No Comments

SOURCE: Expereo

Presented by the Carrier Community, Expereo has won the award for Best Global WAN Provider of 2019, as well as Best Global Network Provider.

More than 500 guests attended the prestigious CC Global Awards event on 14thMay, in Berlin, to celebrate innovation among telecom delegates from around the globe.

Expereo, a leading supplier of managed network solutions, was recognised for their expansive SD-WAN portfolio and multiple best-practice use cases of the solution, judged by an independent panel of 13 industry analysts and experts.

Sander Barens, CCO of Expereo, comments:

“It’s exciting to see how enterprise and governments alike are embracing the latest cloud and software-defined technologies. Most have started their digitization journey already to meet shifting business, user and customer needs. Expereo can help rapidly test and onboard these new technologies to improve customer engagement, plus enhance business agility and scalability”.

SD-WAN: Modular design for modern enterprise

Named Best Global Wan Provider of the year, Expereo’s SD-WAN services provide cost-effective, high-performance connectivity for businesses worldwide. SD-WAN is the latest secure overlay technology of choice, offering control over cloud applications and underlying internet access infrastructure.

Tailoring a fit-for-purpose internet network to meet specific business needs, SD-WAN customers have the flexibility to handpick applications, hardware and all other SD-WAN components from a range of providers. SD-WAN introduces total flexibility, alongside cost-savings and improved user excellence.

Irwin Fouwels, CEO of Expereo, comments:

“We are very proud to be recognized as the WAN market leader, helping our clients get the most out of their Cloud investments. Our SD-WAN solutions bring simplicity and control to the internet access underlay, as well as application performance insight and ease of network management.”


- Cost effectiveness – Overall network costs can be greatly reduced by tailoring bandwidth to meet a specific budget.

- Cloud optimization – Enterprises are moving online to streamline everyday activities and improve productivity with shared workflows. SD-WAN is able to prioritise traffic to cloud applications as needed and prevent potential drop-offs.

- Application performance – SD-WAN can optimise traffic with dynamic protocols, speeding up performance and employee productivity.

- Real-time network visibility – SD-WAN gives an overview of live performance data from around the world, providing users with real-time site traffic control, instant troubleshooting and advanced network orchestration.

Recognised by the CC Global Awards, and taking into account the company’s recent mobile connectivity expansion, Expereo’s SD-WAN services will continue to rapidly expand. Enterprises will no longer be forced into a one size fits all package.

Cloud acceleration

The Carrier Community likewise presented Expereo with an award for Best Global Network Provider, largely due to their unique cloud acceleration offering called XCA. Using intelligent routing technology, XCA actively probes all internet prefixes for performance metrics such as packet loss, latency, historical reliability and maximum peer capacity, then selects the best possible path to improve application performance.

For a full list of CC Global Award winners please visit The Carrier Community website.

About Expereo

Expereo is a global provider of managed Internet network, SD-WAN and cloud connectivity solutions. With an unmatched reach, Expereo powers more than 12,000 enterprise and government sites in 190 different countries, helping to improve customer productivity with agile, flexibile and cost-effective network performance. Expereo also offer Global Internet (GIaaS), Cloud Acceleration and BGP Optimization (XCA) services.

About the Carrier Community

The Carrier Community is a global telecom club and industry networking platform, made up of over 8000 members in sectors such as Voice, Data, SMS, Mobile, and more.

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