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Exploring New Niches: How to Overcome the Challenges

November 14, 2016 No Comments

Featured article by Calvin Paige, Independent Technology Author

There are more online stores than ever as we get nearer to 2017; far more than when we experienced a dot-com boom back in 2000. People are appreciating the advantages offered by maintaining online businesses, which is why the market is saturated and very competitive.

There are still plenty of opportunities to grab online. Starting an online store today is as rewarding as it can be, especially if you can explore new niches and do business in specific market segments. Of course, these niches are not without their own challenges.

Specific Products Require Specific Treatments

There certain products that generate a lot of buzz on the market. Electronic cigarettes, certain services, even gaming and herbal products are all big among customers. There are also trends surrounding these niches.

While these products are legal and can be sold freely, they are not without their own challenges. For starters, you need to include proper disclaimers and provide customers with high quality product information and other resources.

You also have plenty of resources to use as part of the business. Alternative payment processors and special shipping boxes are available for specialty products that require extra care. The same can be said for services and gaming.

Unusual Marketing Approach

Gone are the days of hard-selling and using ads to market your new online store and the products you’re selling. These old-school internet marketing instruments are still very effective, but content marketing, social media and soft-selling tactics should be the focus of your internet marketing efforts these days.

Customers love a good story. This is why companies like eventige are now more focused on developing high quality content their customers actually love than placing ads all over the internet. The impact of indirect marketing – content marketing in particular – is far more rewarding than ads and hard-selling.

You, too, can take the same approach to marketing your online store in a specific niche. Start by identifying your target audience and knowing what they love. You can then use the insights to develop your own content marketing strategy, starting with a Blog section on your site.

Going Social

Social commerce is also a big trend in 2016 and 2017. Online stores are counting on their customers to share product pages and other contents. Social media platforms are introducing their own advertising network, allowing site owners to reach specific users at the right time.

Video is also a big part of internet marketing these days. Video marketing is a great way of breaking into a new niche, especially if you have a compelling story to tell. One of the reasons why vaping and electronic cigarettes are such a huge hit is because there are a lot of videos on gear reviews, tricks and even videos of community gatherings to keep the hype alive.

All of these new tools are yours to use, especially if you want to stay ahead of the market. There are ways to succeed in this competitive market, but exploring a new niche – and using the right marketing instrument to reach your target audience – is an option worth considering.


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