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Five Apps for Students to Fight Procrastination

June 29, 2017 No Comments

Featured article by Maria Carole, Independent Technology Author

I was an ordinary student who wanted to get a good qualification but had no time to cope with all tasks assigned to me. In fact, I wasn’t a lazy person. Still, I was unwilling to accomplish essays or learn some information on time. Every insignificant distraction could throw me into confusion. One day, I decided to end up with my procrastination and began to search for the toolkit and quick tips to find the way out of the situation. I found some precious apps that changed my life greatly and gave me an opportunity to do everything in time and execute more tasks than earlier.

Before I started searching for the solution to my problem, I learned what makes people procrastinate and what detrimental consequences may occur after long postponing of an assignment. Let’s have a look at the main reasons for procrastination that will throw light on your learning challenges.

Causes and Effects of Postponing

My procrastination was connected primarily with an assignment writing, no matter how difficult it was. I just didn’t want to sit and compose lines by lines, although I wasn’t a bad writer or narrow-minded person. On the contrary, I had numerous ideas to include in my essays but I had no desire to do it. Then, everything became clear when I was listing reasons making people procrastinate. Postponing of a writing assignment for me was simply due to the fear to look stupid by expressing my thoughts on a paper. However, different people have various causes that make them delay some important chores. The most common of them are as follows:

1. People procrastinate because they have some fear or anxiety about an assignment they must complete. They get rid of this feeling while watching television, playing computer games or sleeping.

2. Other individuals do it because they like to feel adrenaline in their veins that appears when a “panic monster” comes. Such “deadline-waiters” are sure they will complete any work quickly when the time comes.

All in all, there is nothing bad in letting your hair down, but only until it starts to spoil your grades. Knowing the real motives restraining you from essay writing makes it easier to fight the problem. However, you don’t have to do it alone, as the modern informational technologies offer affordable services so that you don’t have to pay through the nose to get an effective assistance.

Five Apps Helping Me to Cope with Procrastination

As soon as I understood the real problem that was going to affect my study, I set the goal of finding an innovative helping hand in the web. To tell the truth, I was very surprised to see the abundance of offers that could be helpful for my writing. Despite the fact that it would be easier to order an essay online, I was determined to find a useful software I could use by myself. Finally, I found myself composing a decent research paper and having all my domestic chores done after applying the following apps and programs:

1. Productivity Owl fits students who are obsessed with the desire to look through social networks or watch a funny cats video. Unlike numerous time-management programs of this kind, this app gives a user several minutes to look through the messages or newsfeed before it blocks access to a time-eater website.

2. Ilys has a very interesting approach to fighting procrastination. It forbids you to engage in insignificant activities while composing a paper. You can’t even edit your work before you hit the necessary word count. If your main target is to type as many words as you can for some limited period, this amazing tool certainly meets your requirements.

3. Nirvana is a scheduling app allowing to manage your activities properly. It makes you do the most important tasks at the most appropriate time. High-technology calculations allow putting assignments of different levels into perspective according to a certain algorithm.

4. Marinara Timer allows you to work intensively for 25 minutes with short breaks. After you have been working for an hour in such a manner, the app allows you to have a longer 15-minute break. If you need an online word-processing app to make it easier for you to compose large papers, try ZenPen to boost your abilities. You don’t have to read numerous manuals and watch online educational videos to use it; all you have to do is to erase the text at the ZenPen website and begin composing a new one. By pressing F11, you minimize any distractions by blocking them with only one click.

By using these applications, you will never get stressed when the deadlines are looming. Writing won’t be a challenging task anymore. Just try one of these apps and programs to minimize the pressure of hard duties like the paper composition.






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