Friends Could Use Some Tighter Knitting

December 16, 2010 No Comments

The recently released Friends for iPhone has a good idea behind it: Build a better Contacts app.

The original phonebook app that’s baked into the iPhone’s iOS, simply called “Contacts,” can hold together a lot of information, and it syncs smoothly through services like MobileMe and Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) Sync.

But even if you have an email address, an IM name, a street address, a nickname and seven different phone numbers on someone, that still may not cover all the ways in which you use your phone to interact with him or her. Missing are the various social networks you might use, and to interact via those channels you’re going to have fiddle around with a few different apps.

Friends is designed to consolidate information from Contacts and popular social networks, delivering a one-stop-shop for getting in touch with friends and associates.

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