Gartner BPM Summit: Don’t Mention Technology When Selling BPM to the Board

March 9, 2011 No Comments

If CIOs want top execs on the board to buy into business process management (BPM) projects, they should sell them as business rather than technology initiatives.

This was the general consensus at the Gartner BPM Summit in London yesterday.

BPM is the creation of systems that streamline an organisation’s workflow making it more effective and capable of adapting to change.

“When you are trying to sell BPM to the business make sure it doesn’t sound like an IT project,” insisted Marja Meulblok of health specialist BPM consultancy MCA Gemini Groep.

“Essentially, it isn’t an IT project, it’s tool to streamline the business,” she added.

Andrew Tully, business manager for BPM consultancy LSC Group, a company that has been implementing BPM solutions for the Ministry of Defence over the past few years, agreed that this was the case.

“We said this time and time again. This is not an IT programme, it’s a business change programme. Yes you use tech to do it, but so what?,” said Tully.

“The business doesn’t need to know about the technology. They don’t care, and it’s not relevant. If you focus on technology you will lose them within minutes,” he added.

Tully also suggested that the board should be made aware that BPM generates more business information that can be used to improve key performance indicators.

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