VIDEO: Getting Started with Apache Camel

August 14, 2013 No Comments

Claus Ibsen, Principal Software Engineer, FuseSource

This session will teach you how to get a good start with Apache Camel. It will cover the basic concepts of Camel such as Enterprise Integration Patterns and Domain Specific Languages, all explained with simple examples demonstrating the theory applied in practice using code. We will then discuss how you can get started developing with Camel and how to setup a new project from scratch—using Maven and Eclipse tooling. This session includes live demos that show how to build Camel applications in Java, Spring, OSGi Blueprint and alternative languages such as Scala and Groovy. We demonstrate how to build custom components and we will share highlights of the upcoming Apache Camel 2.10 release.

Claus Ibsen has worked on Apache Camel for years and he shares a great deal of his expertise as a co-author of Manning’s Camel in Action book. He is a principal engineer working for FuseSource specializing in the enterprise integration space. He lives in Sweden near Malmo with his wife and dog.


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