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Governments of the Future: IT in Service of Governmental Institutions

November 19, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Vladimir Ilic, Independent Technology Author

evolution of government 300x133 Governments of the Future: IT in Service of Governmental Institutions

Digital transformation trends are continuing to change various industries in the world and it’s safe to say that the latest achievements in technology are literally revolutionizing government institutions. Federal, state and local governments are relying on modern technology to provide their citizens with better living conditions.

In fact, these entities realized that things like the internet of things and automation can improve not only the lives of their citizens but almost every other aspect of life such as workplace efficiency.

The governments of today are using the power of IT to make cities smarter and thus improve the quality of life for all people who live there. All these digital transformations are still changing governments as we speak, so here are a few top trends that have made the biggest impact.

IoT Empowered Cities

From the moment we started using electrical grids, traffic cameras, street lights, and all those built-in sensors that every car today has, the governments started gathering and distributing information automatically.

The most common uses for the Internet of things are road sensors that manage and track traffic patterns, and smart meters that keep constant communication with utility companies to reduce energy waste and help save energy.

Aside from such infrastructure projects, the Internet of things is also present in every other service effort, such as public sustainability, safety or transportation. Government is using IoT for many different purposes, from managing and implementing various government projects to preventing natural disasters.

The Internet of things also empowered cities by connecting them all in one grid, making everything available to citizens in an effort to improve efficiency in every sphere of their everyday lives.

The main goal here is providing a better quality of life for all people. The Internet of things in government service becomes an immensely powerful tool that can be used for various purposes for the sake of the greater good.

Improved Data

city 300x175 Governments of the Future: IT in Service of Governmental Institutions

When it comes to the Internet, everything revolves around collecting data and performing analytics so that we can understand what we can change for the better. Reporting was once a tedious and pretty rigid process that involved going through tons of paperwork. Well, thanks to the automation and artificial intelligence, this process has been significantly simplified.

Today, data collection and analysis is an autonomous process that monitors all aspects of our daily life and collects all real-time data from business activity, weather patterns to traffic monitoring.

While this data collection continues to improve various facets of government, certain rules regarding what they will do with that data have to be established to protect the privacy of citizens.

The citizens’ experience is one of the most important drivers in the digital transformation of government. While the government has the right to improve itself, its first priority is to protect the citizens. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the government is collecting all this improved data so that it can improve the way it serves its citizens.

Through the use of the latest technology achievements such as artificial intelligence and chatbots, government agencies can use sophisticated analytics to learn more about the needs of their citizens and create public programs that will better address those needs.

In fact, this is one of the best uses of AI with chatbots, as governments can use social media platforms to accumulate the most relevant data.

Improved Access to Crucial Information for Individual Citizens

Just like the government can use AI with chatbots to accumulate relevant data, they can also use this technology across numerous digital government platforms to better serve their citizens and provide crucial information for each citizen when it’s needed the most. In fact, the best use of AI with chatbots is creating a personalized citizen experience for each individual citizen.

Instead of letting them stand and wait in lines when they need their answers, you can now point them all to a central base of information where they can get crucial information on demand. Therefore, digital government platforms supported by AI with chatbots are the best way to accomplish more in less time.

Instead of going personally to any government service to get information, every citizen can now simply visit an official website and use a chatbot with AI to get their answers. Thanks to the most advanced chatbot platforms such as, it’s possible to program chatbots to better serve their purpose, which in turn improves citizen satisfaction and engagement.

Better Communication within Governments

The best use of AI with chatbots is providing improved access to crucial information for individual citizens to improve citizen experience, satisfaction, and engagement. This improved access can also be used for better communication within governments.

Just like modern technology is used by the government to collect and analyze massive amounts of data about their citizens, these governments can now do the same with the data they’ve collected about themselves to improve communication within government agencies and other important government bodies.

This is crucial for ensuring optimal service to their country and citizens, as a lot depends on that communication within governments.

Cyber Security

When so much is done over the Internet, it’s no wonder that most types of security breaches will also happen online.

Cybersecurity attacks are a major risk to modern governments and this is one of the most important aspects of how technology improves government institutions. Cybersecurity means protecting the infrastructure and citizen data, everything that makes a nation.

Since the virtual presence of citizens is ever-increasing, this means that there are pools of data and highly sensitive information stored online. With all this in mind, it’s safe to say that all government sectors are working around the clock to protect that data and ensure maximum cyber security and protection.

Unfortunately, just like cybersecurity evolves, so do cyber threats, but the National Cybersecurity Protection System provides all the necessary precautions to stop those threats.

NCPS provides all the necessary information sharing and advanced analytics to increase its intrusion detection and prevention capabilities, so that every threat can be effectively identified and eliminated before the damage is actually done.

It’s an advanced way of security that keeps network protected across both the private sectors and the government information technology enterprise to keep the citizens and their personal data safe and protected.

Author Photo 150x150 Governments of the Future: IT in Service of Governmental Institutions

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