GrapeCity Announces the Latest Release of ActiveAnalysis with Enhanced Support for Custom Functions Allowing for Limitless Business Intelligence Extensibility and More!

April 3, 2012 No Comments

ActiveAnalysis now extends library functions with external assembly references, enhanced support for multi-parameter aggregate functions, expression validations, printing and context menu customizations

GrapeCity PowerTools, publishers of the award-winning ActiveReports, ActiveAnalysis, and Spread product lines, announced the availability of a new maintenance release of ActiveAnalysis 2 (version 2.1.766.0) with significant feature enhancements.

With the latest release, developers can now reference external assemblies and extend library functions to work with sophisticated queries and calculations, providing limitless extensibility and flexibility. Usability enhancements include expression validation and pivot grid context menu customization capabilities allowing the developer more potential to enhance their user experience. Also included in this release is enhanced support for multi-parameter aggregate functions, and improvements in printing and exporting for multi-page views.

ActiveAnalysis 2 is a .NET analysis component that allows developers to rapidly embed out-of-the box OLAP, data visualization and Business Intelligence features using charts, pivot tables, and captivating data visualization for Silverlight, Windows Forms, and ASP.NET. With the ability to connect to virtually any data source, and support for three development platforms, rolling out your own ad hoc Business Intelligence application is now easier than ever.

Commenting on the release, Shalini Kumari, GrapeCity PowerTools Product Manager for ActiveAnalysis said, “Our customers have asked us to provide the capability to extend our product so they can include unique and industry specific custom functions for a multitude of analytical purposes. We are pleased to say we have answered our customers’ requests, and in a clean and logical manner as custom functions in an external assembly, in a class within the project, or in a few lines of custom code. Along with other enhancements like the customizable context menu for the pivot grid, automatic expression validations, and additional multi-parameter aggregate functions, this release clearly responds to customer requests.”

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