Greater Need for Data Management Solutions Drives Zencos Partnership with DataFlux

April 28, 2011 No Comments


DataFlux, a leading provider of data management solutions, today announced a partnership with Zencos, a business intelligence (BI) and data management consultancy. Zencos, is leveraging DataFlux technology to enhance its ability to deliver high-quality data warehousing and business analytics services to current and future clients.

As a longtime partner of DataFlux parent company SAS, Zencos provides counsel and oversight to organizations implementing SAS solutions, including recommending and deploying data quality and data management technology. As customer interest in DataFlux and the award-winning DataFlux Data Management Platform continues to grow, Zencos sees an advantage in facilitating a closer relationship with DataFlux as a company.

With data volumes continually increasing, data professionals are being tasked to manage and consolidate that data amidst the plethora of delivery channels and customer touch points emerging daily. This trend, often characterized as “Big Data,” is highlighting a need for the marketplace to integrate more data and new data sources. The impact of business analytics across various facets of business operations further drives the requirement for data management solutions that offer a single version of the truth for the enterprise.

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