Green IT, Cloud Computing to Impact Data Centers: Report

March 22, 2011 No Comments

By Nathan Eddy, Channelinsider

Smarter, greener data centers will combine with the increased use of cloud services to change management of the centers, Gartner reports.

According to IT research firm Gartner, Inc., four forces currently operating in the market could result in data center space requirements that will shrink dramatically before the decade is out. These include smarter designs, energy efficiency pressures (or green IT), the realities of high-density environments, and the potential of cloud computing. The company recommended that data center managers who are trying to determine how to optimally design and plan for the leading-edge data center of the future should focus on these factors.

The report, which predicts the evolution of the four trends over a five-year period, noted most data center managers paid little attention to the “greening of IT,” unless senior management or the public pressured them into it. However, as awareness has increased, there has been a constant uptick in the attention paid to energy consumption in data centers, and new data center managers take a hard look at energy efficiency in both design and execution.

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