Hallmark Ramping up BI for New Branding Campaign

May 4, 2011 No Comments

SOURCE:  Computerworld

Hallmark Cards is ramping up its Business Intelligence capabilities to accommodate an ambitious, recently-launched new branding campaign.

Under its new Life is a Special Occasion tagline and campaign theme, Hallmark hopes to be able to convince consumers to purchase customizable ‘any day’ cards and other merchandize for what it is calling the “perfectly imperfect, unplanned moments” in their lives.

Rather than just trying to get consumers to purchase its cards and gifts during holiday seasons and other milestones, Hallmark is embarking on a mission to engage them continuously. “We need to figure out how to engage consumers across time,” said Jay Dittman, vice president of marketing strategy at the company.

Dittman offered glimpses of the company’s plan, and its use of data, at the Gartner Business Intelligence conference here this week.

For example, the new campaign will use consumer data generated from retail sales, as well as data gathered from ongoing interaction-based consumer engagement, he said.

The company is moving “from a traditional seasonal and date driven calendar to a persistent flow-of-life calendar consisting of moments” that matter to individual consumers, he said.

The new program offers consumers an opportunity to offer information about themselves — such as the birth of a baby — which Hallmark will use as a base to build a continuing relationship.

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