Hartford Hospital Boosts Early Discharge Rate With Business Intelligence Solution From Carefx

April 21, 2011 No Comments

SOURCE: Digital Journal

Hartford Hospital, an 867-bed regional teaching hospital and referral center in Connecticut, has increased its early discharge rate, a metric hospitals use to manage bed utilization, nearly three-fold by offering its clinicians access to a business intelligence (BI) dashboard from Carefx, a leading provider of interoperable workflow solutions.

“As part of our multidisciplinary program to improve performance and quality, our clinicians rely on Carefx’s Patient Throughput Dashboard to pinpoint patient flow trends and opportunities, which has enabled the hospital to accelerate appropriate discharge and cut length of stay,” said Michael C. Lindberg, M.D., chairman, Department of Medicine, Hartford Hospital.  “Instead of having to contend with multiple data sources, access delays, and dull, text-based presentations, clinicians use the dashboard to view and act upon near real-time patient flow data in a lively, intuitive, graphical format.”

Originally developed by Cleveland Clinic, and now licensed and deployed by Carefx, the Patient Throughput Dashboard is one of Carefx’ Business Intelligence Solutions.  Other dashboards include those for physician scorecards, mortality, core measures, patient experience, clinician performance on Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) indicators, length-of-stay, and readmission rates.

The Patient Throughput Dashboard presents a healthcare organization’s own aggregated data, allowing clinicians and executives to quickly identify improvement opportunities, eliminate operational bottlenecks, improve bed utilization and control length of stay.

“The Carefx Patient Throughput Dashboard helps hospitals manage daily census, lower cost-per-case, improve patient satisfaction, and minimize operational inefficiencies,” said Andrew Hurd, CEO, Carefx. “These dashboards will help providers respond to reimbursement challenges, marketplace shifts, and financial constraints.”

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