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How Mobile Tech has Changed Everything

May 31, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Charles Smith, Independent Technology Author

mobile cloud 300x171 How Mobile Tech has Changed Everything

There have been many technological leaps that have had a significant impact on human society, and one of the most dramatic of recent times is the invention of the smartphone.

Of course, mobile devices had been round since the 1980s, but the smartphone changed the game. The release of the first iPhone in 2007 was a milestone in the development of mobile technology, and smartphones that relied on Android technology were not far behind. Since then, the number of operating systems and phone brands has increased rapidly, and smartphones are now an integral part of daily life for millions of people around the world.

According to a study conducted by Pew Research, nearly seventy percent of US consumers now have a smartphone, and for those in the 18 to 29 age category, that figure is an astonishing 86 percent. It is fair to say that the rise of the smartphone represents an even bigger shift in technology and the way we use it than the coming of the internet. Right now, a majority of people in the US are carrying around what is essentially a supercomputer with them. It has even been said that the smartphone is humanity’s first universal tech product.

The rise of this popular mobile tech has had huge and far-reaching effects. It has changed so many aspects of our life. According to a report by Forbes, 91 percent of smartphone owners have their phones within arm’s reach at all times. For many of us, life without our smartphone would be unthinkable. Here are the main ways in which mobile tech has changed us:

How we work

The rise of mobile tech means that a plethora of mobile communication methods and productivity improving tools are now available to employees. Some companies allow workers to bring in their own devices, while others give their staff access to corporate-owned devices, but however they manage it, modern organizations conduct much of their business through mobile technology. The days of the memo and the face-to-face meeting are over. Now companies enable their managers and employees to communicate through mobile email, chat or virtual meetings, while applications like CRM and a host of inventory management systems make it easier for workers to do their jobs and for employers to run their businesses.

How we play

While mobile technology has obviously had a huge impact on business, it has also been transformative of our leisure time. According to research, American smartphone owners may spend up to 44 minutes per day using entertainment apps and over 30 minutes on gaming apps. Whatever your favorite game or app, smartphones have made it possible for you to have a world of entertainment at your fingertips. Americans are also increasingly using their smartphones for informational purposes, perhaps to find out whether they are lottery winners, or to catch up on the latest sports results.

For those who like to travel, there is a huge variety of apps that can help with everything from booking and planning your trip to navigating or researching landmarks on the move. In fact, mobile technology can be essential for tourists travelling through new areas.

There have also been many benefits for those who like to keep active. Millions of amateur athletes and sports people use mobile technology in the form of wearable devices that can help with everything from hitting their running goals to improving their golf swing.

How we live

Mobile technology has also become indispensable to us in our daily lives. Smartphones have replaced a number of familiar devices such as alarm clocks, maps, cameras, music players, flashlights, and more. Whether we are booking a cab, finding a restaurant, scheduling a meeting or checking out the latest brand offers, smartphones have transformed our lives.

The implications for businesses

This proliferation of mobile devices and the enormous range of uses to which human ingenuity has put mobile technology, has meant dramatic change for businesses. Mobile technology has enabled us to be more productive and to work better with one another in the workplace. It has given us greater recreational and leisure options, and more opportunities for personal growth and communication and has helped to make everyday tasks simpler.

This cultural shift has had major implications for the business world and has required companies to adapt, both in how they organize their workplace and how they interact with a customer base that is becoming accustomed to the new fast-paced mobile world. This has been a tough transition for some businesses, but for those who are able to embrace the future, the rise of mobile technology has brought about an era of business opportunity.




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