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Augmented Reality Analytics: Transforming Data Visualization

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How Technology Can Enhance Even the Smallest of Businesses

October 5, 2021 No Comments

Featured article by Emily Taylor, Independent Technology Author

When you’re a small business on the high street, competing with your rivals for passing trade and regular customers can feel like an uphill struggle. And that was before Covid-19 decimated your income and profits. However, in order to get one step ahead and to bring more customers through your doors, small businesses should consider embracing technology to make their stores more efficient, versatile and to enhance the customer experience.

The idea of implementing technology into your business can sound both expensive and time consuming. However, with the range of digital and technological tools at your disposal, small business owners are able to cherry pick which digital assets they need to increase their efficiency and to get more customers through their doors. In this post, we’ll examine how technology can enhance even the smallest of businesses, with technology tool suggestions and how they can make a difference. Read on to find out more.  

Making the Payment Process Quicker

When customers are queuing out of your store, it’s not only a sign that your products are popular, but it also highlights the inefficiencies within your shop or café. When processes are delayed at the counter then it can leave other customers feeling frustrated, which in turn can lead to lost sales. By updating your payment process and utilizing the benefits of contactless card readers, you can increase the efficiency of your payment process with ease. Whether customers choose to pay with a tap of their card, a swipe of their phone or a quick scan of their smartwatch, the better their customer experience will be and the more revenue you’ll earn.

Social Media

You might be utilizing social media to list your business hours and your address, but you can also make use of your online presence to market and share your business with new customers. Social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are the perfect places to introduce you and your staff to your target audience, advertise events, share your products and gather feedback and reviews. This approach means reaching the right people and getting more customers through your doors.

Online Table Reservations

Covid-19 restrictions and dedication to keeping patrons safe means many small cafes and eateries are working on a table reservation basis. However, the complexity and inconvenience of booking a table can put many potential patrons off. This is where technology can help. Using the latest in online table reservation software, potential customers can book a table with just a few clicks – giving them the freedom to choose the date, time slot and the number of people dining within seconds. This digital approach also makes it easier for small businesses to cater to their requirements, hire enough staff and keep their costs under control.

And Finally:

Inventory Management Software

Keeping control of your inventory is time-consuming and can make or break your small business. Poorly handled inventories can lead to excessive food waste, missed sales opportunities, confusion and a major loss in profits. By implementing inventory management software, you can keep tabs of your stock levels digitally and accurately, helping small business owners to run their shops more efficiently and cost-effectively.



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