How To Be a Transformational CFO

January 3, 2012 No Comments

By Andrew Spanyi

By embracing three fundamental beliefs, a CFO can connect the processes of an organization with the needs of customers.

Chief financial officers (CFOs) are particularly well suited to lead a major transformational effort. Yet few do so successfully even though most have a vested role in strategic planning and also determine what the organization measures and monitors. Operational excellence around core financial activities is certainly important—maybe even essential—but it’s becoming increasingly insufficient.What are the fundamental values and beliefs that a CFO needs to embrace to succeed with transformation? What are the obstacles that transformational CFOs face, and how can they overcome them? What are some of the best, albeit rare, practices for a CFO to use to lead transformational change?

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About the Author

Andrew Spanyi is the author of three books emphasizing the importance of cross-functional collaboration and a customer-oriented, process focus: More for Less: The Power of Process Management, Business Process Management Is a Team Sport: Play It to Win! and Operational Leadership. Andrew invites readers to contact him for practical guidance related to their specific situation. You can reach him at or

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