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How to improve landing page performance

July 26, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Karola Stachowicz, SEO Specialist @  

men4 300x200 How to improve landing page performance

Can you think of any princess that does not have her prince charming? And who doesn’t live happily ever after? I bet you cannot! Actually – a landing page is like a prince for a princess – without him she would probably die alone and miserable. And with him everything is easier and safer. So why would she deprive herself of one? The same is with landing pages – why would you make it more difficult to succeed if a landing page really can work wonders for your business.

The landing page concept is not a brand new thing but still a lot of businessmen don’t believe in its potential and benefits it provides. Some of them reckon they are pointless without checking. There are also those who have tried to implement them but after finding no difference in conversion or selling they gave up blaming the concept itself instead of thinking of possible mistakes made.

Truth being told,landing page performance depends highly on entrepreneur’s actions. If they are correct a landing page succeeds, if not -the opposite. Creating a nice and attention-grabbing landing page is the first thing to do. But the effort does not end there. There are a lot of nuances and tricks to make a landing page effective. And what are those that improve landing page performance?

Search optimization

If a landing page is not optimized for search engines there is high possibility it won’t bring neither value nor new visitors to the site. Every landing page should have its own unique title tag (that has been chosen after keywords analysis) and Meta description. Without them it will be lost in the crowd as there are dozens of similar business websites online.

Hence it is important to put the most valuable tags in headlines as Google sees them as the most important words and will drive traffic to your website basing on them. Check what your targets type in search engines and provide the most appropriate headlines and content.

Catchy headlines

Not only Google is crazy about catchy headlines but the visitors themselves too. Studies show that most of people read the headlines but not even half read the body copy. If you don’t grab attention of readers by headline you may not bother writing any body text as nobody will read it anyway. It is not like body text is not important but first you have to make a good impression and intrigue.

Think about tabloids – their practices are not exactly exemplary but still effective. They use usually over-the-edge enigmatic headlines and get people’s interest within seconds. I am not telling you to play hardball like them. But remember about your target and provide them with the catchiest headline in order to get their attention within first seconds. Only this way you increase the effectiveness of your landing page and that is something you need for your business.

Mobile friendliness

The digital era has its rights and you cannot bypass them. People tend to surf the Internet on their mobiles while commuting or right after they open their eyes. And no – they do not open laptops for that but they use their smartphones. And if you don’t keep an eye on how your landing page appears on mobile devices you give yourself a knockout right before a fight starts.

If you even take care oflanding page personalization it will go down the drain if it looks awesome on computers but low-grade on other devices. Make sure that your landing page looks divine on computers as well as on mobiles or tablets. Make it easy to read and navigate but also well-structured. The use of smartphones and tablets is not going to decrease so mobile friendliness is a crucial thing.

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