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How To Turn Your Smartphone Into The Ultimate Portable Storage Device

February 27, 2017 No Comments

Featured article by Andre Smith, Internet Marketing and E-Commerce specialist

Do you remember those little USB memory sticks you would carry around with you? At one point in time, there was no denying they were the ultimate portable storage solution. Suddenly they were rendered useless thanks to the smartphone and it’s only improved over the last few years.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the majority of people are using their smartphone to its maximum potential when it comes to data storage. It could easily be fixed if they followed a few tips, so let’s take a quick look at the main ones you should use.

Use More Than One Cloud Solution

There is nothing wrong with syncing your files to the cloud, but what would happen if something went wrong? Using one cloud solution is the same as keeping all your important data on a single hard drive.

It’s a recipe for disaster and you’d be wrong to think nothing bad will ever happen to you. Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and a number of other options should be taken advantage of.

Making Sure Passwords Are Set

Most people don’t bother to lock apps on their phone using a password. The reason for this is because they always have a password someone will need to access the phone itself, so why would they need additional ones?

You need to remember there are smart people out there who can use software to break into phones. Password lock every app to guarantee your data is as safe as possible, especially if it’s work-related.

Keep Videos On Your Smartphone

A lot of people transfer their smartphone videos to their laptop, but you don’t always see it happening the other way around. This is a shame if you are collaborating with other people at work.

Sync video to iPhone and you’ll be waiting for a while, right? Well not any more thanks to services capable of speeding things up. Now teams can work on video projects together using their phones even if they have a slow internet connection.

You’ll Need Access When Offline

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed access to a certain file, but you didn’t have internet access available? At one point or another, it’s eventually going to happen to us all.

It can be terribly frustrating, but there is a solution to your problem. Make sure all of the files you’ll need access to are available when you’re offline. It’s easy to do, but even easier to forget.

Download The Right Apps

A smartphone isn’t just a simple storage device. You’ll actually be able to edit videos, alter images, and do a number of other things too. The only way that will be possible is if you have certain apps on your phone.

If you have the right apps you can post things to the internet straight away, as opposed to going through your laptop first. Search for the ones other people use because you might not know they exist at the moment.

There Is No Going Back

It’s safe to say if you own a smartphone there is no need for any other storage device. There are far too many extra things you can do instead of letting files sit on a hard drive gathering dust. Make sure you’re using it to your full advantage from now on.


andre323 How To Turn Your Smartphone Into The Ultimate Portable Storage Device

Andre Smith is an Internet, Marketing and E-Commerce specialist with several years of experience in the industry. He has watched as the world of online business has grown and adapted to new technologies, and he has made it his mission to help keep businesses informed and up to date.


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