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How to Unlock the New Samsung Galaxy S9

February 27, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Andrei Calina, Independent Technology Author

During the last few weeks, the mobile industry has been waiting eagerly for MWC 2018, which was held in Barcelona. One of the reasons for this waiting was the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S9. A great smartphone wanted by many.

Samsung e1519749870486 How to Unlock the New Samsung Galaxy S9There are two major takes from the launch of Samsung’s new flagship phone. First, there is no major redesign. Actually, the S9 is quite similar to last year’s Samsung Galaxy S8 model. However, if the Samsung Galaxy S9 lacks in the design department, it compensates at the hardware level. Here Samsung introduced new, groundbreaking features, such as a new ultra-fast chipset that will certainly raise the bar for future generations of premium models. Also, Samsung introduced a new camera, for the first time in its history, with variable aperture. And according to the company, “the camera adapts like the human eye”.

Samsung Galaxy S9’s price – an issue for many

On the other hand, there is one major drawback for those looking to get their hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S9: the price. Subsequently, this means that most Samsung Galaxy S9 owners will get the handset on a two-year contract. And this means that the phones will be locked to a particular network. Thus, the buyers don’t have to option or the freedom to use their phones with a cheaper payment plan. Also, if the phone is locked to a network it means that it can’t be used abroad either. Thus, any locked Galaxy S9 should expect high roaming charges when traveling abroad.

However, there is one option for the new Galaxy S9 owners, they can unlock the device and use it with any network from around the world. If you are one of the new owners of a Samsung Galaxy S9, you need to know that there are several methods through which you can unlock your network locked Samsung Galaxy S9. These methods fall into two main categories, paid and free ones. Each one with its Pros and Cons.

The paid method of unlocking Samsung Galaxy S9

This is the most common method to unlock Samsung Galaxy S9 phones. It involves buying a network unlock code and inserting it into a locked Samsung phone.

The unlock code is provided by a third-party code provider, such as UnlockUnit. Once the unlock code is received, the next step is to insert a non-accepted SIM card and insert the unlock code when the phone will prompt you with the message “Enter Network Unlock Code”.

Tmobile How to Unlock the New Samsung Galaxy S9

A consideration for T-Mobile and MetroPCS users

You should know that unlocking Samsung Galaxy S9 phones by codes works for most GSM networks except for T-Mobile and MetroPCS. These two networks do not require codes to unlock their phones but ask their users to use a Device Unlock Application. However, if you have a Samsung Galaxy S9 locked to T-Mobile or MetroPCS, you can still unlock your phone. All you need to know is that the unlock process is slightly different and the steps are the following:

1. Access the Device Unlock Application and check if the phone is eligible for unlock
2. Place an order to register the IMEI as Unlocked in the T-Mobile database
3. Insert a T-Mobile SIM card and connect to a trusted Wi-Fi connection
4. Access once again the Device Unlock App, press Continue and choose Permanent Unlock (wait for your phone to reboot and it will be unlocked).

Pro: Simple process

Con: There are scammers that pose as actual providers. The best thing you could do, after deciding to buy an unlock code, is to check reviews of previous customers.

Free network unlocking for Samsung Galaxy S9

As mentioned in the beginning, there are two ways of unlocking a Samsung Galaxy S9. This is the second way, the free one. Subsequently, even the free unlocking method can be obtained in two different ways.

The provider way – just ask your provider to unlock your phone

While it sounds great to unlock a new phone for free, the process it is not straightforward. Even if all you have to do is to actually ask your network provider for the unlock code, you will not receive it [the code] unless you meet certain conditions.

Depending on your network’s terms and conditions, you will need to either wait or pay several months worth of contract. Or even pay for your phone’s contract in full before being eligible for a free unlock. Regardless of the network’s conditions, these terms are usually prohibitive for many users.

Also, it is important that you do not have any delayed payments or unpaid bills on the contract. Otherwise, the network provider will not accept your unlocking request.

Pro: Free, no extra charges when unlocking the phone

Con: Limited success rate. Most provider won’t accept unlocking a phone before the contract end date

The hacker’s way – rooting the phone

The second way of unlocking for free a locked Samsung Galaxy S9 is by rooting the phone and flashing a custom firmware. This method requires technical knowledge and is not recommended for all users. Furthermore, this is also a risky method because any mistake or wrong step taken during the rooting and flashing process can result in a so-called “bricked” phone or an unusable phone. This is why it is recommended to let professionals perform this method.

Pro: Free

Con: Risky method and requires technical knowledge



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