How to Use Cloud-Based Databases with Legacy Apps

December 21, 2010 No Comments

The announcement of last week has been speculated to be many things – from a head-on competitive move against legacy on-premise databases to the “cloudification” of enterprise data. In order to get to operate with the vast majority of enterprise systems, companies need to plan for how data sources on enterprise apps such as SQL can learn to communicate with cloud-based data sources.

Most organizations today aren’t purely cloud or purely on-premise. We’re faced with a hybrid environment, where many companies are migrating certain apps to the cloud and keeping or modernizing other types of existing legacy systems. With data – and the database – as the backbone of most companies’ enterprise information, porting an enterprise database to the cloud needs to be done carefully so that no existing enterprise information is lost and all of the existing legacy systems can play nicely with the new kid in town.

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