Hubspan Launches On-demand B2B Business Intelligence

November 1, 2010 No Comments

SOURCE:  Hubspan

Today Hubspan is launching a new product as part of our overall WebSpan SaaS Integration Platform. This product, WebSpan Analytics, incorporates cloud-based business intelligence, allowing companies to quickly grasp key trends, insights, issues and overall activity in their B2B communities. With WebSpan Analytics, customers can instantly access trend data around transactional volumes, top messages and connections, message status and other critical information, enabling enterprises to make more informed business decisions.

WebSpan Analytics expands the current portal we provide, where customers can explore and analyze detailed information around their integration processes, by synthesizing the vast amounts of data from a company’s b2b integration processes and presents it in an easy-to-digest graphical format.

This is a great example of how BI is becoming part of other solutions, rather than a standalone product. And by combining this intelligence with B2B integration, it gives the end user powerful information that can impact the top or bottom line.  We also heard from our customers that they wanted increased visibility into their B2B business processes being managed by the WebSpan platform.

Key features of the WebSpan Analytics solution include:

  • Dashboards: Easy to read, graphic views of key trending data, such as transactional volume, message status and top 10 connections
  • Drilldowns: Easy drilldown capability to a more detailed or granular view of data
  • Export and Save: Ability to export or create PDFs of trending reports or dashboards
  • Secure Access: Secure, controlled access by company, role and user

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