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HyperGrid’s CEO Presents 2018 IT Predictions

December 12, 2017 No Comments

SOURCE: HyperGrid

San Jose, CA – December 12, 2017  HyperGrid, the Enterprise Cloud-as-a-Service leader, today offered its 2018 IT predictions. As the cloud continues to be a priority for businesses, there is also a great deal of discussion about what will come next. Now, as the end of 2017 approaches, HyperGrid CEO Nariman Teymourian shares his key predictions about tech trends for the new year.

Teymourian predicts that Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence and the Cloud will be the trends of the coming year:

Cloud adoption will continue its forward momentum

“In 2018, public cloud adoption will continue to rise. As organizations are able to effectively leverage multiple clouds, we will see a rise in purpose-built clouds in 2018. Clouds will be specifically built for big data, artificial intelligence processing, for data that requires a high level of security, and for scalability. Some new cloud entrants will be best-of-breed for a specific use case to ensure the enterprise is getting the best functionality, performance and price for their use case.”

“We can already see that organizations are leveraging multiple clouds to meet their needs. This is going to drive the need for multi-cloud orchestration and management. In fact, being able to effective manage multiple clouds and move applications, containers and VMs easily amongst the multiple clouds will deliver a competitive advantage to the organization in terms of cost and agility.”

The rise of the machines – Artificial Intelligence continues to make strides

“Machine learning will have a breakthrough year. Artificial intelligence devices need to constantly generate a great deal of data and other related devices. This data needs to be processed and analyzed. This will require compute power to be available everywhere and anywhere.”

“Additionally, in 2018, artificial intelligence is going to drive more bare-metal clouds. AI solutions are resource intensive and a layer between the application and assets can deteriorate the performance of the application. AI requires all the cores and GPUs to be available for fast processing power and to maintain a competitive advantage., and they also need the flexibility and automation of the cloud model.”

Everybody will be talking about “The Edge”

“The generation of data at the edge is driving the need for compute at the edge. Machine learning and the internet of things will drive the need for compute to be available closer to the edge so that large volumes of data can be processed quickly and actionable results can be delivered back to the machine. The faster the results can be delivered, provides a competitive advantage.”

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HyperGrid is the Enterprise Cloud-as-a-Service leader that simplifies IT by providing a fully featured public cloud service delivered as a full stack appliance in enterprise data centers. HyperGrid’s offering, HyperCloud, offers compute, storage, and networking services, along with an enterprise app store of over 400 application templates for deploying complex enterprise apps on VMs and containers. HyperCloud also supports the management of external public clouds, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Compute Engine, allowing IT teams to centralize the governance and control of cloud resources enterprise-wide to eliminate Shadow IT proliferation. These capabilities, offered as a fully managed service in an on-prem “pay-as-you-use” pricing model, deliver unmatched simplicity, scale, and economics that accelerates business innovation, growth, and long-term success.

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