IBELEM improves remote worker productivity for TOUAX with mobile solution from Riverbed

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IBELEM has improved remote worker productivity for TOUAX, one of the leading operational leasing companies worldwide. IBELEM recommended Riverbed® Steelhead® appliances and Steelhead Mobile client software, enabling remote workers at TOUAX to access data and files over the wide area network (WAN), at local area network (LAN)-like speeds. By opting for a WAN optimization solution, TOUAX avoided a costly bandwidth upgrade and experienced a 70 percent data reduction over the WAN.

TOUAX had experienced an increase in the volume of data traversing the WAN, with the result that employees were struggling to access data when working remotely. “We developed a strategy of placing our workers close to our customer sites. To enable this we set up a network of small sales offices which are manned by teams of mobile sales staff,” explains Philippe Lasserre, director information systems at TOUAX. “To maintain this strategy, and overcome the issue of poor application performance over the WAN, we identified that the company needed to either increase bandwidth or optimize data transfers.”

TOUAX approached its technology partner, IBELEM, a company that develops and integrates mobile solutions. IBELEM conducted a series of audits that analyzed both the type and amount of data traversing the WAN. Following the results, IBELEM concluded that TOUAX was mainly reliant upon email and document exchange over the WAN. Based on these findings IBELEM recommended a WAN optimization solution from Riverbed Technology.

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