IBM bets big on business analytics solutions

January 11, 2011 No Comments

It was announced by the technology leader, IBM, that it will be putting all its focus on the business analytics and the segments into the access management. This will be done by the company to make its portfolio even more stronger in the nation.

By doing the same, the company will provide a base to many software companies for developing the software such as access management and business analytics. The share of this section into the global revenue is almost 25 per cent.

“Our acquisition of Cognos has helped us strengthen the business analytics capability. Currently, the adoption of such solution is low in India, but we expect to grow fast in the coming months and there are a lot of opportunities that we see,” IBM India/South Asia Director (Software Group) Pradeep Nair said.

The verticals which are being targetting by the company are banking, insurance and telecom for the software platform for business analytics.

“For example, banks can use analytics software to go through their customer profiles and then cross-sell other products that they have. It not only brings in business, but also increases effective utilisation of existing data,” he said.

Source: Religare Technova


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