IBM Tech Trends 2011 Highlights Biz Analytics Needs

December 6, 2011 No Comments

Okay, you know that the cloud and better mobility management are going to be two of the top tech trends in just about anyone’s survey. And IBM’s latest report verifies this. But what you probably didn’t know is how important analytics will play. IBM interviewed more than 4,000 IT pros from around the world and consolidated its results here.

Of the key technologies surveyed, analytics was the most widely adopted (90%) with half of those not currently using it planning to do so within the next two years. Developers who want to grow their analytics skills set need to focus on Open source platforms like Apache Hadoop. Moreover, analytics was named as the most in demand area for software development in the future. Is that enough about analytics?

When the 2011 Tech Trend survey respondents were asked which skills they needed to develop and/or deploy business analytics solutions, here is the resulting tag cloud of answers.

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