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India Sees Transformation Happening Thanks to Geographic Information System

July 10, 2017 No Comments

Featured article by Calvin Paige, Independent Technology Author

It seems as though India is in the middle of a digital transformation thanks to the geographic information system that is leading a number of big initiatives in the country. Initiatives such as Smart Cities Mission and Digital India are threatening to change how business is being conducted and push the country into a high-tech future.

India’s Government Recognizes the Trend and Wants In

While it’s usually businesses that are leading the push when it comes to technology and innovation, it seems as though India’s government has decided they also have a lot to gain by taking part in this digital era and implementing various initiatives.

With the Digital India initiative, there are 22 separate projects with a focus on digital infrastructure in terms of government services. It’s really a win-win situation for the country as it’s employing some of the brightest most innovative minds, and in return, the government will benefit from these new streamlined digital systems.

Meanwhile, the Smart Cities Mission initiative sets its eyes on over 100 cities across the country. This particular initiative involves working closely with urban planners in order to plan, build, improve, and increase each city’s social, physical, development-institutional, and economic infrastructure.

Some of the features that the Smart Cities will include are walkable localities in order to reduce pollution, promotion of the use of land in mixed ways, housing initiatives, promoting a large variety of transportation options, and helping to give the city its own unique identity.

India is clearly setting itself up to be not just a player in digital innovation but a leader in the field. For those in the United States currently enrolled in a geographic information science and technology degree program, it’s all the more important to see what the trends are and what areas of the world are seeing the most growth and potential.

While that online GIST degree may help students at home in their own country, it can also act as that way to get their foot in the door across seas.

How GIS Technology is Spreading across India

What makes GIS technology so interesting is the fact it plays a part in so many different industries and sectors. Not only that but GIS itself has evolved and become more advanced than ever before. It’s changing how people view space and time, tracking, and mapping.

GIS technology in India is playing a role in urban planning, health care, emergency response, transportation, business, and natural resources. Another big area that GIS is helping and pushing the industry forward is in disaster management and military threats. And it doesn’t end there, as the country has also announced the Stand-Up India and Start-Up India initiatives, which have ties to GIS technology.

Watch for More Development in India

The government has made it clear that it’s putting a large amount of focus and emphasis on GIS technology and the many ways it can help various fields, industries, and cities. As India starts to see the rewards of their efforts, expect for the country to add even more to its list of GIS projects.


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