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Driving Better Outcomes through Workforce Analytics Webcast

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Informatica and Cloudera Announce Partnership to Help Companies Leverage Large-Scale Data

November 2, 2010 No Comments

SOURCE: Cloudera

Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA), the world’s number one independent provider of data integration software and Cloudera, the leading provider of Apache Hadoop-based data management software and services, today announced at Informatica World 2010 the two companies are partnering to provide customers with the solutions needed to address the challenges associated with managing large-scale data, including structured, complex and social. Together Informatica and Cloudera will be able to bring the productivity benefits of the Informatica Platform to the data-intensive distributed computing capability of Hadoop.

Informatica and Cloudera Partnership Differentiators • Informatica connectivity with Hadoop will leverage the Sqoop interfaces to provide a highly optimized and scalable connector from the Informatica Platform to the Hadoop Distributed File System. • Extension of the Informatica Platform to support hybrid deployment on Hadoop will enable data integration mappings defined within the Informatica development environment to be intelligently converted into a combination of MapReduce functions and User Defined Functions (UDFs) for execution on the data-intensive distributed computing environment of Hadoop.

Brings Hadoop to Enterprise Data Integration Through this partnership, it will be easier than ever to combine the power of structured data for transactions with social data for interactions to gain new insights. • Access to Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop (CDH), a proven, comprehensive and commercially supported Hadoop-based platform. • Leverage the cost-effective distributed computing capabilities of Hadoop for data-intensive processes with the intelligent hybrid deployment of Informatica mappings. • Integrate the insights from Hadoop with data in the rest of the enterprise to achieve a single view that helps improve decision making and automate recommendations. • Understand customer behavior and preferences from weblogs, call detail records, click-stream analysis and digital content. • Model risk and analyze customer churn, threat analysis, targeted advertising and cross-selling and up-selling.

Brings Proven Benefits of Enterprise Data Integration to Hadoop By leveraging Informatica and Hadoop together organizations around the globe will be able to gain new insights into customers, prospects and business processes from petabyte-scale data much more easily. • Develop and manage data integration tasks to move data into and out of Hadoop using the Informatica graphical environment and rich packaged functionality in place of custom code. • Easily access data in enterprise applications, documents, legacy environments, partners, customers and the cloud. • Apply enterprise data quality, data profiling and other sophisticated data processing techniques out of the box to data stored in Hadoop. • Leverage the largest data integration developer and partner community in the world for the resources and packaged solutions that help reduce risk and time to value. • Take advantage of the full data governance capabilities of the Informatica Platform for Hadoop and other data assets to ensure transparency, compliance and trust for organizations data.

Tweet this: Partnership b/t @InformaticaCorp & @Cloudera to help solve large-scale data challenges w/ industry standard tools

Supporting Quotes • “Bringing together world’s number one independent provider of data integration with the leading provider of Hadoop-based solutions, means the market will have a powerful offering to address large-scale data projects that exist in organizations of all sizes around the globe,” said Mike Olson, chief executive officer, Cloudera. “This partnership enables organizations to take advantage of a proven data integration platform and this new data management technology to process and analyze enormous amounts of data. The two companies are able to provide a level of integration coupled with the global resources that organizations need to gain a competitive advantage while they grow their business.” • “During the past decade, data volumes, ranging from the unstructured formats of social media sites, to the structured formats within databases and applications have exploded,” said Girish Pancha, executive vice president, Data Integration, Informatica. “It has become increasingly clear that organizations are struggling to make sense of and leverage the vast amount of both structured data as well as social data that is captured and processed. Now, our customers will be able to leverage their data of virtually any scale.” • “Today, the real strength of Hadoop does not come out unless you’re coding complex algorithms, which normally only the quants can do,” said Donald Feinberg, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner. “The adoption of Hadoop by the larger integration and application vendors will help build the ecosystem, integration, packaged functionality and resources needed to accelerate broader of Hadoop by enterprises.”

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