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Innovation Nation: 10 Tech Products That Are Taking the Country by Storm

August 7, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Catherine Hernandez, Independent Technology Author

top ten 300x170 Innovation Nation: 10 Tech Products That Are Taking the Country by StormAccording to Moore’s Law, technology will continue to improve at a more and more exponential rate. Thus far, we can already barely keep up. If you want see the latest innovations, check out these 10 tech products.

Do you remember when The Sharper Image catalogs first came out? The ones that would advertise the latest robo-nose hair trimmers or AI dog-walking assistants?

Those catalogs would cause a curious combination of excitement and confusion. On one hand, we had to wonder who was buying these gadgets. On the other, it’s hard not to feel a thrill when seeing the latest innovations in technology.

We’re essentially living inside a Sharper Image catalog at this point. Tech products have exploded from being a curiosity to impacting every avenue of our lives.

Here are 10 tech products that are taking the world by storm!

Top 10 Tech Products

Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) showcases the newest innovative products.

CES products serve as a barometer and a litmus test of consumer electronics. Much of the game-changing technology that made our list comes from the CED 2018 products, unsurprisingly.

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

Smart technology isn’t just for humans anymore. This innovative pet door from SuperPetCare interacts with your pet’s microchip. It will also open for an RFID tag if your furry companion isn’t chipped.

Lenovo VR Headset

We’ve been waiting for consumer-grade virtual reality since the 1950s, when the term was first invented. Expectations have been slowly ramping up since the ’90s, when programming languages like VRML started to make immersive digital environments more possible.

Lenovo has just leaped another major hurdle that’s been plaguing the virtual reality industry with the addition of a truly wireless VR headset. It’s much easier to believe you’re fighting off pterodactyls or alien invaders when you’re not being weighed down with cables.

Toyota e-Pallete

We’ve been waiting for autonomous vehicles nearly as long as we’ve been anticipating virtual reality. Maybe even longer, as we’ve had vehicles much longer than we’ve had personal computers.

There’s been a lot of talk about driverless vehicles in recent years. There have also been many mentions of delivery drones. Toyota’s e-Pallette is looking to bring those two products together by bringing products to consumers instead of the other way around.

Dell XP-13; The World’s Smallest Laptop

Even with most of us having smartphones on us at any given time, there’s still a call for lightweight laptops. While we’ve had NetBooks and ChromeBooks for some time, these machines are relatively limited in capability. The Dell XP-13 bridges the gap, bringing portability, affordability, and power together in one 13″ laptop.

The Dell XP-13 comes in both Alpine White and Rose Gold, in case you want to accessorize and match your smartphone. The XP-13 effortlessly pairs with your smartphone using Dell Mobile Connect technology. If you’re looking for a lightweight computer for work or school for less than a grand, you’re in luck.

Samsung Wall

Remember Back To The Future 2? It’s almost uncanny how many predictions from that sequel have come true. Robert Zemeckis’ prophetic powers were on-point, yet again, with the vision of a wall-sized television affordable enough for regular consumers.

Samsung rolled out the impressively monolithic wall-sized screen at this year’s CES. It proved to be one of the most striking CES products, measuring a mighty 146″! With most consumer technology downsizing and becoming more minimal, it’s exciting to see some tech products that can still wow with sheer dimension alone.

Nissan IMX

Having a reputation for being weak and effete has been one of the biggest stumbling blocks facing widespread adoption of electric cars. Nissan is dispelling that rumor with the IMX, designed to prove that electric cars can be “tough” and “rugged.”

The Nissan IMX looks like a cross between a classic Mustang and something out of Robocop.

Between the IMX and Toyoto’s E-Pallette, it seems we are finally being wheeled into the future.

The PowerDolphin

Have you ever watched the BBC series Blue Planet? Have you ever thought to yourself “I wish I could capture such lavish HD underwater film and photography?”

Now you can with the PowerDolphin, an underwater drone with seemingly endless capabilities.

Not only can the PowerDolphin film and photograph underwater in crystal-clear 4k, it can even create topographic maps of the ocean floor using sonar.

The PowerDolphin is going to revolutionize everything from marine rescues to oceanography.

Huawei Mate 10

The Huawei Mate 10 is a strong addition to the world of smartphone cameras. The Mate 10′s Leica camera places it alongside popular smartphone cameras like the Samsung Galaxy and looks ready to knock them from the top of the pile.

The Huawei Mate 10 stands out for more than just its world-class photography, however. It also boasts a 72-hour battery life for music playback, 22 hours for watching video, and 25 hours of 3G calling.

The Huawei Mate 10 also features an advanced Kirin 970 processor which hosts advanced A.I.

capabilities, including the ability to anticipate what apps you’ll use.

JBL Link View

There was no shortage of virtual assistant-related innovations among this year’s CES 2018 products. The JBL Link View is one such “smart screen,” letting you ask Google questions which are answered with an 8″ screen.

The JBL Link View showcases information like a multi-day forecast, photos, videos, and album art for music you’re listening to. Virtual assistants like Alexa will become even more useful with hands-free interfaces like the JBL Link View.

Sony Aibo Robodog

Sony’s robotic dog first came out in 1999. They ceased production on the Aibo in 2005. The Aibo robodog isn’t newsworthy for its existence but rather as a signpost of how far robotics and A.I. have come.

The Sony Aibo robodog has hundreds of unique motions and expressions to make it seem more lifelike. It even grows more attached to the owner over time using A.I. and machine learning.

The world of Blade Runner is right around the corner, it seems.

These are just ten of the thousands of the newest innovative products to hit the market. You can learn more about the latest tech trends over here.

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