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Interesting Tech Startups You Should Follow in 2019

January 24, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Taylor Burke, Independent Technology Author

The GE national report states that every year, there are over 100 million startups launched. This is equivalent to three startups every one second. The competition can always become stiffer when you are starting your startup in an environment that has already been flooded by startups. Another study done by the Small Business Association SBA, states that it is not necessarily true that most startups fail in their first year, but in its report, up to 30% of newly launched businesses fail within their first two years of launch. 50% fail within their first five years of start. 66% of them fail in their 10th year.

This stiff competition coupled with other factors causes them not to see the light of day. However, not only app startups but also the newest casino sites are worth looking at going forward and at is where you can find them. We have looked at some of the Tech startups you need to watch keenly in 2019.

1.   Nurk

Nurk’s founders are Dr Edward Engesaeth and Hans Gangeskar. The startup focuses on improving women access to birth control through a digital application. The application gives women the ability to request a prescription over the internet after which the prescription is then brought right to their doorstep. The birth control medication for individuals with health insurance, this service is free. Contraceptive on the hand starts at a paltry $15 each month, so even those without a health insurance plan can still afford it. This application is available across over 15 states. In 2019, this business is set to launch a birth control subscription service that will cause a major disruption to women’s health, but for a good cause. Nurk’s total equity funding is $41.4 million

2.   Shippo

With total equity funding at $29.3 million, Shippo allows its users to save time and money through a cloud shipping service. This tool is easy to use and enables users to get print labels, rates, track packages and much more. Currently, this application supports up to 35,000 customers including e-commerce platforms and retailers. The Silicon Valley-based company is an automated system which can be implemented by companies to provide customers with a broad variety of shipping options from online shops. This system was founded by Laura Behrens and Simon Kreuz and is capable of setting its customers up with access to various shipping providers instead of asking firms to implement systems. These sentiments were said by Blair Hanley Frank, a contributor at VentureBeat. It currently joins Stripe, Square, Shopify and more companies in the shipping industry.

3.   SmartGuide

SmartGuide is a Czech startup company which is used to turn your mobile phone into a private tour guide. Personalized travel guide applications have been there for a few decades, and it is nothing new today. However, what makes this application different is that it uses augmented reality and brings cities to life. The AR guide brings gamification and sound to your city break. In the next few years to come this, the application will be the next big thing to watch.

4.   Zuper

This one also is a free financial assistant application that helps the user to save time and money and manage their financial health. The app collates all your contacts in a single place therefore never again have to manage your money in many places manually. This application identifies when you spend money and allows the user to set their spending limits in different environments such as hobbies, leisure or mobility. His is a nice application to help you manage your finances. As usual, many people will have to think twice before putting all their banking details, from various accounts into a single application. On the other hand, while this is an error of big tech data breach, this application guarantees users that security is their number one priority. It requires one to go through a two-factor authentication the figure print unlocking as well as uses the 2048-bit SSL encryption. If you are not disciplined in your spending, perhaps this is the application that you need to look for in 2019.

5.   Gladly

His solution allows your business to create a highly-personalized experience for clients. It can be used in a wide array of industries including hospitality, retail, finance travel and much more. The application is sure to provide a targeted solution to build a healthy connection with your customers. This system also allows you to connect customers the best customer case agent in a secure manner. Agents have access to all the tools as well as information they need to support their customers efficiently and quickly better. The tech startup is a San Francisco based company which was in 2015 incubated by Greylock Partners. As we talk now, this startup has raised to $63 million and has employed over 50 people. It was founded by Joseph Ansanelli, Dirk Kessler, and Michael Wolfe



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