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International Business Developer Makes Use of BPMonline Software to Improve Service and Increase Efficiency

October 19, 2012 No Comments


Global Conferences is a company specializing in bringing key players together from the educational, medicine and real estate industries. For over 5 years GC has been helping companies develop business critical relationships and find like-minded partners in other countries, organizing high quality business events that produce long-lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial to both companies.

Global Conferences’ first role is to search the world for organizations that hold similar values and interests. Once the appropriate pairing has been identified GC works to establish strong communication links between the two companies, acting as a mediator between the parties, carrying out research into which issues would be of interest to both businesses and proposing suitable formats for events, conferences and meetings.

Global Conferences currently works with clients in more than 20 countries across the world, including United Kingdom, USA, Japan and China.

To streamline processes on a multinational level whilst increasing productivity and reducing the amount of redundant processes

As GC extended its reach across the globe with ever-increasing business opportunities, the company found that using the existing customer management software was not sufficient to manage its rapidly expanding customer database.

A common problem occurred when different staff members ended up dealing with the same customer on the same issue. Apart from the resulting inefficiencies and wasted time on processes, this also had an adverse effect on customer relationships and was unfortunately difficult to prevent with the current system.

Another significant problem was the lack of an appropriate medium to view the complete information about the particular clients. As contact details were stored in one file and all documentation kept separately, this made processing requests unnecessarily time consuming and inefficient, again getting in the way of the effective running of the business and having a negative impact on customer relations.

It was clear that the technical issues of running the systems could not be allowed to impact on customer experience and affect the  high standards of service. Global Conferences needed a new way of conducting business – a professional solution was required.

GC wanted to replace its manual systems with a CRM solution that would improve service, facilitate customer communications, streamline labor intensive processes and consolidate  its existing databases in order to minimize the duplication of processes and effectively monitor and manage sales data.

A radical new system was needed that would improve on existing functions and provide greater potential for sustainable growth

After looking at the various suppliers on the market, GC made the decision to use BPMonline CRM based on several key factors, including:

* A fully customizable BPMonline platform provides a complete set of tools for fine tuning an application. Customized component libraries integrated within the system enables a range of actions to be added without the need for coding or programming knowledge.

* The system consolidates not only data for all companies, but also stores a complete history of face-to-face meetings, mailings, calls and customer requests.

* As well as handling all customer data and communications histories, BPMonline CRM keeps all relevant documentation within a single workspace, so all agreements and invoices can be accessed easily in line with a particular request.

* System provides the perfect synergy between business process and customer relations management. Not only does this improve the current situation within a company, it also enables the company to optimize and further streamline other processes with the built-in business process designer.

* BPMonline CRM has won significant awards, has got positive reviews flooding in from the international community of recognized CRM specialists.

Better organization, unified knowledge across all transactions, plus an increase in efficiency resulting from the use of an effective and simple interface

Within 3 days the new BPMonline solution was up and running with data transfer and integration with existing systems complete and full functional, resulting in a range of benefits, including:

* Unification of knowledge and instant access to GC’s major customers’ information, increasing productivity and efficiency of communications. As a result, the company gained a more accurate approach with its clients, avoiding unnecessary duplications in contact.

Automated document management feature which improved the file structure and enabled any document to be downloaded from the system in a matter of seconds, drastically cutting down on waiting times and improving efficiency across the board.

* Increased staff efficiency. With all e-mails and phone calls tracked through the system it became easier to monitor and analyze the effectiveness of specific employees, while giving them more control over their day-to-day activities.

* Minimize time spent on education of users, due to a comprehensive, simple to use and effective interface, with access to unparalleled self-customization tools and process development opportunities.

* Reducing maintenance and running costs with consistent and reliable technical support staff assisting with the effective administration of the system.

“As our customer database began to grow, trying to process all information manually was quickly becoming an impossible task and our processes were rapidly spiraling out of control. The introduction of BPMonline CRM could not have been more timely or well received as it helped us to automate routine tasks, analyze our strengths and weaknesses more effectively, whilst making repeat transactions a thing of the past,” says Andy Rekukha, Managing Director of Global Conferences, “the software is fully flexible with great potential to improve future developments down the line. I was especially impressed with the customization options which meant that administering the system did not require trained programmers or coders to be brought in. Special thanks for the assistance we received from technical support which was second to none, making the implementation of CRM a quick and easy process that was free from problems.”


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