Is Online Security a Modern Day Myth?

August 19, 2011 No Comments

There is no question that online security is a hot topic these days. Ranging from large entities like Google and Facebook to our every day personal email accounts, it seems that no one is safe.

Even if we are able to research and invest in top of the line security software, it appears that we are still vulnerable to the ever present hacker threat.

In his article Online Security Doesn’t Exist, David Goldman states “Cyber Security vendors and antivirus software firms advertise that they can keep companies, agencies and people safe. Yet antivirus programs can’t stop every attack. And every day a new company or government organization announces that they’ve been compromised.”

We see it on the news daily…horror stories about cyber attacks on companies that one would assume are fortified and armored better than any other. So, if we face this as a new reality in the world of the Internet, what then can we do to best protect ourselves?

Goldman recognizes this dilemma, “Of course, attackers will find a way in one way or another even if you integrate security in a product from the outset. But giving cyber security the proper attention it deserves and acknowledging that nothing can be 100% protected can help keep more, if not most, of the bad guys at bay.”

It seems then, that the best solution for our present pickle, is to try and fortify our systems to the best of our ability, retaining a constant awareness that as long as hackers exist (and they always will) we are never completely safe.

-Amy Duryea, CEO, IT Briefcase (a Virtual Star Media Company)

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