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IT Security and How to Fortify Your Business

January 22, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Chloe Hodges, Independent Technology Author

Modern business is one with an increasingly digital focus. While this offers significant dividends in terms of efficiency and reach, it also generates complications in terms of understanding. Traditional business security, while certainly evolving, has been able to draw from many generations of established frameworks, frameworks which the digital environment has far from settled upon.

This means that not only is modern business security a newer development but it is also one where those involved must constantly be on alert if they wish to keep abreast of rapid digital evolution. While, through necessity, this industry will evolve by itself, or suffer the pain of loss and attacks, it should be noted there is another industry which has, in many ways, already generated the path forward in terms of business security.

The casino industry, both online and off, is one which criminals and criminal enterprises have targeted second only to major financial institutions. Unlike these major financial institutions, however, casinos have seen a more continuous level of development commensurate to the modern technological environment on all levels, meaning their security systems have to cover far more avenues and adapt just as quickly.

So, what can business learn from these casino security measures?

Online Security Methods

Keeping at the forefront of technology means consistently opening yourself up to new avenues of both interest and attack. Modern online casinos, for example, have now entered the age of cryptocurrencies. These currencies are highly technological in nature, and their anonymity means that theft leaves little trace of the crime. This necessitates higher levels of security, and this is exactly what online casinos have taken on board.

butcoin 300x200 IT Security and How to Fortify Your Business

Bitcoin, bitcoin coin, physical bitcoin,” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by antanacoins

There are a couple of main methods which are utilized here, the first being the acceptance of only proven software, and the second being the heavy encryption of modern payment and login information.

In terms of software, this means only ever adopting systems into their business which have been proven by outside and independent testing agencies. As casino games will require a consistent back and forth between user and website, it becomes necessary to safeguard every step, and this is simply not possible to ensure for each website individually, thus the turning to trusted third-party checks.

youtube 300x199 IT Security and How to Fortify Your Business

arsp_035” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by theanthonyryan

These similar methods have been adopted by other constant forms of online engagement, which businesses offer and people seek. Online flash games and the ability to stream TV shows for free, for example, offer highly desirable products and reflect a natural target point because of this. Streaming sites understand this and, because of this, the best will adopt automated programs which check for untrustworthy ads, download links, and malware popups.

When it comes to payment, we can see similar levels of engagement with dedicated programs created by outside forces. Modern encryption to protect users from fraud and theft is a major concern for casinos, and this has helped create the systems which many modern businesses adopt today. Rather than attempt and almost definitely fail to create their own systems, modern businesses purchase or rent already proven software, which protects both them and their end-users from potential danger.

Digital Backups

Security is only worthwhile if we know two different states – that before the attack and that after the attack. Without this level of recordkeeping, it would be possible for anyone to claim whatever they wanted and, without a backup, no hard proof would cause a muddy and complicated system all around.

This is where online methods of digital backups come into operation, indicated as they so often are by the systems of casinos. Bookkeeping when dealing with financial issues must be reliable, must be constant and consistent, and should be just as protected as the actual funds if any amount of trust is to be placed within.

These systems, as illustrated and led by casinos, are now becoming increasingly standard for even more traditional businesses. This commonly comes in the forms of cloud backup services for both in-business and online transactions and payment information.

Keeping data on-site, while convenient, comes with some serious security concerns. It is possible to steal these systems, then hack into them. It could be possible for somebody to destroy these backups, or for some form of unexpected disaster to render the data unobtainable or corrupt. Online cloud backups, however, suffer from few of these issues.

Automated systems of this sort use trusted services to upload their data to dedicated and protected services. These services can easily return data to damaged on-site hardware, and protect user information and records far greater than is possible through most direct systems.

Keeping Pace

Within a few years, many of the systems which both casinos and business utilize for security will be obsolete, as this is just the natural course of technological development. As we have already seen, the first to adapt to these changes will be those with both the funding to pursue new avenues and those which possess the greatest need for newer systems.

In simple terms, this explains much of the relationship we have already seen between casinos and business, as casinos have shown what is effective, and businesses can select those components which are applicable to themselves. This will undoubtedly be the case for increasingly cryptocurrency accepting businesses, and whatever technology brings next.





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