IVR Credit Card Payments In The Cloud For Parking and Parking Enforcement Companies

July 12, 2012 No Comments


Datatel Communications Inc/Datatel Inc in Canada, a leader in PCI compliant IVR Credit Card Payments in the Cloud, announced a new suite of telephone IVR credit card payment solutions for Parking and Parking Enforcement Companies.

Datatel delivers Telephone IVR Credit Card Payments in the Cloud, which removes the collection and transmission of customer credit card information away from Live agents, and in-house systems, a critical milestone to achieving PCI compliance. Datatel’s clients can use their existing merchant accounts, reduce implementation costs, and accelerate time to market. Datatel provides connectivity to major credit card processors, gateways in the US and Canada.

The new service designed specifically for Parking and Parking Enforcement companies offers a feature rich, quick and cost effective pay-by-phone option for collection of payments of parking permits and parking infractions. The service offers a wide range of configuration options, real-time back end integration with parking management systems, and automated permit expiry reminders.

“We have been delivering custom IVR credit card payment applications to the parking industry for years, we are excited to be able to offer an out-of-the-box solution driven by the recommendations from our clients over the years” Barnard Crespi Co-CEO of Datatel.


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