JackBe Presto Makes SharePoint Real-Time for the Enterprise

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Chevy Chase, MD – June 27, 2013 – JackBe®, the leading provider of Real-Time Actionable Intelligence software, today released the latest version of its Presto Add-On for SharePoint, which includes direct connections to real-time enterprise data and integrated FAST Search. The solution allows power users to easily assemble real-time intelligence using the familiar SharePoint Designer, converting any live enterprise system—including those external to Microsoft products, such as ERP, CRM and social media—into SharePoint data sources to power real-time dashboards.

“Business users want the ability to build apps and dashboards that give them necessary insights for real-time decisions, but they want to build them with applications they already use,” said John Crupi, CTO, JackBe. “Presto Add-On for SharePoint injects real-time intelligence into the SharePoint environment, empowering business users with real-time intelligence tools and capabilities via a familiar interface.”

Presto Add-On for SharePoint enables users to query Presto-connected data within SharePoint, using SharePoint Search. In addition, the solution’s new “FAST Enterprise Search” Wires block provides a simple drag-and-drop search experience using FAST, SharePoint’s popular enterprise search capability. Powered by Wires, Presto’s “point-click-mash” visual assembly tool, Presto Add-On for SharePoint enables mashing of multiple FAST search results with support for keyword and FAST Query Language (FQL) queries. This allows users to easily combine data from multiple sources, lists and queries into single, meaningful data visualizations.

In addition to the FAST Search block, the Presto Add-On for SharePoint adds even more new Wires blocks, which include:

SharePoint List Add Item: Critical to Presto is the ability not only to read from data sources but also to write back to them. This new “SharePoint List Add Item” block provides a way to add new data rows to any SharePoint List.

  • SharePoint List: Supports advanced filtering of list items using Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML) queries by advanced users.
  • SharePoint List Merge: Resolves List ID conflicts intelligently when combining SharePoint lists, including task lists.
  • SharePoint Search: Queries SharePoint lists in Wires to retrieve only the content relevant to the mashup, instead of the entire data set.
  • External Content Adapter: Makes any mashup BCS compatible.

About JackBe

JackBe is the leading provider of Real-Time Operational Intelligence software, the newest segment of Business Intelligence (BI) analytics. JackBe’s platform, Presto, gives companies the real-time tools they need to assess the business impact of changing conditions as they happen. By combining operational metrics from multiple live sources—including other BI systems—into easy-to-use dashboards, JackBe arms decision makers with the data they need to “know what’s happening now.” For more information, visit www.jackbe.com.



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