Kdan Mobile Launches PDF Connoisseur to Fulfill Growing Business Demands

December 5, 2011 No Comments

Kdan Mobile, a leading mobile solution provider, has announced the launch of its long anticipated mobile reading software, PDF Connoisseur – Kdan Enterprise iPad Edition. Building upon the established fundamentals of the company’s much-praised PDF Reader series, the company boasts that PDF Connoisseur not only possesses robust file viewing features but also supports professional functions that cater to suit wide business needs. According to Kdan, this well-rounded business app has differentiated itself from myriads of competitors with its newly-introduced Text-to-Speech and Save-to-PDF features.

PDF Connoisseur has adopted the advanced technology that reads out the content of a PDF file in English, French, and German, with other languages including Chinese, Korean, and Japanese available as options for purchase in the next update. “We’re offering a solution to help business users manage their heavy reading loads. With TTS, you can utilize both the eyes and the ears to handle multiple tasks at a time, or you can simply count on your hearing to absorb information and relieve your eye strain,” said Erwin Lin, CTO of Kdan Mobile.

PDF Connoisseur reads a variety of file formats, and with its powerful Save-to-PDF module, users are able to convert mainstream document types, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and iWork, to PDF. The converted files can be bookmarked, annotated, and read out using TTS consequently.

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