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Knotice Releases Mobile Email Opens Report for First Half of 2012

September 7, 2012 No Comments
Advanced Data from a Sampling of 807 Million Emails Sent across 11 Industry Segments Reveals Strong Increases in Opens on Mobile, Timelines of Open Activity, Popular Mobile Devices, and more

Knotice, a provider of data management, analytics and digital messaging solutions, announces the release of its Mobile Email Opens Report for the first half of 2012. The report features valuable data on the percentage of email opens occurring on mobile devices (including phones and tablets), click activity, and mobile device popularity based on a sampling of 807 million emails sent across 11 industry segments, including retail, consumer products, cable and telecommunications, and more.
CL69558 INFO 231x300 Knotice Releases Mobile Email Opens Report for First Half of 2012

The bi-annual report offers a comprehensive look at overall mobile usage as it pertains to email, including:

  • Percentages of emails opened via mobile device and click-to-open (CTO) rates of permission-based email;
  • Activity based on specific mobile operating systems and devices, including smartphones and tablets;
  • Percentages of mobile email opens within unique industry segments, and;
  • Email opens based on time of day as well as time elapsed after send (including smartphone versus iPad/tablet usage).

Key report findings include:

Mobile Email Opens Climb to 36 Percent: The number of emails opened on a mobile device (smartphone and/or tablet) during the first half of 2012 overall rose to 36 percent. This is a 32 percent increase over the former mobile email open rate of 27 percent from the second half of 2011. Data shows the steady, strong increase in mobile open rates continues, which underscores the importance of having a mobile-first mindset.

‘Mobile Tipping Point’ is Quickly Approaching: With the overall share of mobile email opens now at 36 percent across all industries, the share of mobile email opens is on track to exceed 50 percent for most brands within the next six to 12 months. Some are already there. Knotice refers to this as the “mobile tipping point.” Email and mobile marketers need to begin planning for a point in time when mobile users will be the majority audience.

The Right Timing by Device: Knotice data reveals email engagement by phone is significantly higher in the 90 minutes after send, with negligible differences between phone, tablet and desktop device use after approximately 5 hours. The report also shares time of day activity by device. In today’s crowded inbox, timing can be significant. Marketers need to use their data to establish the best hour for their sends, which can be unique to each audience or segment.

Inbox Triage Continues to Fade: Consumers today see a subject line. If they open it, they want to act on whatever call to action is presented to them. If they don’t act in that moment, only about two percent will reopen that email on another device – whether on their desktop device, smartphone, or tablet. In the retail industry, nearly 98 percent of the cases the email open is occurring on only one type of device (up from nearly 95 percent just six months ago).

Consumer Services and Financial Industries See Highest Mobile Email Opens Rates: The Consumer Services and Financial industries saw the highest mobile open rates, 42.17 percent and 40.13 percent respectively.

The full report is available as a free download here:

Previous reports are available as free downloads here:

About Knotice

Knotice (pronounced “notice”) is a leading provider of data management, actionable analytics, and digital messaging solutions, headquartered in Akron, Ohio, with offices in Seattle.  Knotice’s proprietary platform pulls together customer data from multiple sources, seamlessly unified within a single, profile-based environment, which can then be used to drive analytics and cross-channel digital messaging. Data management allows for highly targeted marketing (email, website, SMS, display and more) tailored to a person’s unique interests. Such relevance helps maximize the ROI of campaigns, while robust data intake supports actionable analytics to support future wins. In addition to technology, Knotice provides a comprehensive offering of marketing services, including strategy and planning, agency-style creative services, custom development, analytics, advanced reporting, and business intelligence. For more information, visit:

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