Addressing Law Enforcement’s Digital Records and Evidence Data Challenge

September 22, 2011 No Comments

Police departments today generate, collect, and save an ever increasing volume of digital content
from a growing number of sources. Storing and managing that data can be a complicated and costly
process if a proper technology solution is not used.

      30 seconds of low- to modest-quality video from dashboard or surveillance cameras can generate files several hundred gigabytes in size.

Digital content is an important asset for law enforcement in daily operations and
in allowing robust cases to be built based on the evidence collected in investigations. With ever
increasing volumes of data, systems to manage, and budget restrictions to consider, it is imperative
that law enforcement focus on simple, scalable, and cost-effective technology solutions. This
will allow the use of digital content to remain a valuable tool, and not something that bogs down
departments with complexity and cost.

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