It’s easy to pay lip service to Green IT, but energy efficiency will pay dividends

December 1, 2011 No Comments

The adoption of Green IT should be on more firms’ agendas. The benefits of Green IT are clear in terms of cost savings, environmental sustainability and legal compliance. But are they really interested? Or is Green IT just for geeks?

I run a seminar for clients and contacts on average once a month. Last month, our topic was Green IT.

We did all the work, lined up some great guest speakers representing big IT users and service providers. And guess what? Nobody wanted to come.

Why was that? I could have understood it in the depths of the recession when green issues disappeared off corporate agendas as businesses simply looked to do more with less in terms of their IT estates.

But most of the obvious savings have been negotiated out by now and, in many cases, investment that’s been long postponed is needed in order to refresh platforms.

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