Litéra® Named Hot Vendor in Content Management, Collaboration and Authoring

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Aragon Research features Litéra as a leading content management company.

McLeansville, N.C.—July 11, 2012—Technology research and advisory firm Aragon Research has named Litéra ( a “Hot Vendor” in content management, collaboration and authoring, stating that users will complete more document processes in less time with less risk once Litéra is enabled.

Known for IT consulting work in mobile device strategy, knowledge management, workplace collaboration, user experience and portal markets, Aragon Research advises that competitive organizations need innovative, high-value document and content solutions to help them be more productive, better manage risk and collaborate in ways never thought possible. As enterprises look for ways to maximize IT investments, they look toward innovative vendors that are creating new value for businesses.

“A company’s effectiveness and reputation are built on content,” said Deepak Massand, CEO of Litéra. “Employees routinely use commonplace software tools that lack professional-grade capabilities to control the exposure of information created and disseminated throughout the content lifecycle. While a giant IT infrastructure secures an enterprise’s structured data, the greatest damage to a company is likely to be done by a single piece of content – an email, spreadsheet, or document.”

In the Aragon report, “Hot Vendors in Content Management, Collaboration and Authoring, 2012” published June 28, 2012, analysts Jim Lundy and Mike Anderson named Litéra a hot vendor because:

  • “New ways of authoring are emerging, as are extensions to legacy offerings, particularly those that add to and extend the capabilities of Microsoft Office.”
  • “Litéra offers one of the most robust document toolsets we have seen.”
  • “The bottom line is that attorneys, patent attorneys, contract managers, researchers, and financial analysts will complete more document processes in less time with less risk once Litéra is enabled.”

Litéra’s patented technology for content creation, collaboration, comparison, control and cleaning has been adopted by leading global law firms and corporations due to its ability to help professionals work more effectively and efficiently with the documents they rely on every day.

“Document and content management software has typically been quite costly, and the ROI can be elusive,” said Massand. “Today, business leaders expect a lot from any technology investment, and Litéra’s solutions provide an immediate and compelling return. Managing and securing a company’s content at the point of use reduces risk, increases productivity and performance, and protects reputation.”

To learn more about what makes Litéra a leader in content management and a hot vendor, visit, or call +1 336-375-2991. To access the Aragon Research report, visit

About Aragon Research

Aragon Research is the newest technology research and advisory firm. Aragon delivers high impact research and advisory services to provide enterprises the insight they need to help them make better technology and strategy decisions. Aragon Research serves business and IT leaders covering the Knowledge, Collaboration, Social, Content Management, Workplace, Mobile and Tablet, and User Experience/Portal markets. The principals hold over 50 years of industry experience between them. Aragon Research is privately held. Aragon Research does not endorse vendors, or their products or services that are referenced in its research publications, and does not advise users to select those vendors that are rated the highest. Aragon Research publications consist of the opinions of Aragon Research and Advisory Services organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Aragon Research provides its research publications and the information contained in them “AS IS,” without warranty of any kind. For more information, visit

About Litéra
Litéra is a Gold certified Microsoft ISV and offers a comprehensive suite of document creation, collaboration, comparison, control and cleansing software that provide users with unsurpassed content confidence enabling them to manage their documents and data with a degree of control not available through any other solution on the market. Litéra’s patented professional productivity applications meet the critical content and risk management needs of today’s business professionals, including many of the world’s leading law firms and major corporations. For more information visit,


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