LogiXML’s Best Kept Secret: Self-Service & Full-Service Analytics

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Launched more than nine years ago, our flagship product, Logi Info, has been adopted by more than 1,000 organizations worldwide to address reporting and analytics challenges across all industries.

Most customers choose LogiXML for the ability to quickly assemble and embed custom web-based analytical applications. However, more and more customers are finding our out-of-the-box “Super Elements” instrumental in quickly addressing “last mile” needs where some users want a more flexible sandbox to perform ad-hoc analysis and reporting in a self-service manner.

For example, Baker Tilly, a top 10 global accounting and tax advisory firm, provides a SaaS accounting and financial application called REVAS which embeds our “Analysis Grid” Super Element.  The embedded Analysis Grid is used by a subset of users to address ad-hoc analysis requirements that fall outside of their collection of “standard dashboards and reports.”

While customers like the REVAS team at Baker Tilly also value the agility in using Info Core Elements to achieve pixel perfect P&L reports with complex aggregates and multiple sub-groups, use of Super Elements is on the rise when the business requirement sounds something like this: we cannot predict the views we will need to create, but once we do, our users need a way to quickly achieve it on their own.

Two other “Super Elements” that you may find interesting are our Dimension and OLAP Grids.  Both of these are self-service, out-of-the-box, web-based analysis applications that let inquisitive users perform multi-dimensional visualization and analysis for relational data.  Microsoft SQL Service Analysis Services (SSAS) cubes are also supported by both these Super Elements – just point one of these Super Elements at your SSAS environment and they will quickly provide a user-friendly interface for reporting from one of the most pervasive data cube environments on the market.

In essence, Info Super Elements can address your self service analytics needs while developing a customized analytics application with Info’s Core Elements is the approach for addressing situations where your customers or users want a Full Service custom-tailored BI application.  You can quickly achieve both styles of analytics with Info.

Chor-Ching Fan is a sr. director of product management at LogiXML. Read more from Chor-Ching here, here, and here.

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