Lotusphere 2011: Social Business Here Comes IBM

February 9, 2011 No Comments

When I started out in the IT world, the first thing I ever did was to develop a Lotus Notes practice for a small company.  This was the early 90s, if I recollect correctly (I’m not being evasive, merely making believe I’m an old codger, by cracky). So I would go to Lotusphere – pre-IBM Lotus versions – every year for about 4-5 of them until 1996 – my last Lotusphere. Interestingly, Lotusphere was at the Dolphin and Swan Hotels in Orlando Florida every year I went. Imagine my surprise in 2011 when I went to Lotusphere and it was at the Dolphin and Swan Hotels (and the Yacht Club Hotel, but let’s not quibble, people) again. Actually, as I found out, not just again, but still. Yes, still. It had never left the hotel – not literally but it had been at the same place all that time. There is a part 2 to this anecdote.

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