Making the Case for Business Analytics and Intelligence

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Many companies have increased their profitability by utilizing business intelligence and business analytics. A variety of industries continue to integrate these systems to improve their everyday processes

In 1951, the concept of business intelligence was first introduced by J. Lyons Co. tea shops in the United Kingdom. At the time, these rudimentary 6,000 tube computers were used to determine how many cakes and sandwiches were to be made based upon information received from previous sales. Recent changes in these systems have brought about a nuance way of approaching the technical side of business. [1]

The trend of business analytics (BA) is simply an umbrella term for a much larger concept. Business analytics refers to enterprise information management, enterprise performance management, data warehousing, analytic applications, business intelligence, risk, compliance, and governance. [1]

Business intelligence (BI) is also an umbrella term, though it’s a much more focused concept. When a business utilizes tools, infrastructure, applications, and best practices that enable them to access and analyze data—which lead to improvements in optimization and performance—they’re using business intelligence. [2]

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