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Marketing content based on the audience psychology is the new SEO technique

December 1, 2016 No Comments

Featured article by Stewart Robinson, SEO professional and blogger

SEO campaigns have to be liked by search engines as well by the audience. Google too attaches lot of importance to what the audience likes. This is the reason that content is at the heart of SEO campaigns and how good you are in content marketing is critical for SEO success. In order to make content likeable for the audience it is necessary to study the minds of the audience closely. Content has to be developed and presented in a way that attracts the audience. Read on to know more about ways of knowing the mind of the audience.

Harp on the emotions of the audience

Right content has the power to influence the decision making process of the audience positively so that they buy the product or services. Decision making is also influenced by the emotions of the audience. Therefore, harping on the emotions of the audience can be a good way of striking the right chords with them that elicits a favorable response that leads to conversion.

Make it colorful

Colors are used not only to make the content look attractive but there is an underlying psychology that is reflected in the use of colors. Colors have to be selected carefully by considering how the audience would accept it. Figure out the color preferences of the audience and use it optimally in the content so that the colors impact the audience positively. Colors help to generate emotions that influence decision making. Using the right colors is a search engine optimization technique that would ensure that the audience goes your way.

Make impact with images

Content figures high among the SEO aspects that keep the audience closely engaged to your website. You communicate with the audience with the help of content that is made up of text as well as images. There has to be a good balance between text and images so that the lines of effective communication are established. Images have to be used prudently in order to take advantage of its immense powers in communicating. Images are much more powerful than texts in conveying messages and feelings. It can overcome the language barrier that arises when using text only.

Create a desire for buying

It is inherent in humans to crave for something that is not easily available. This psychology has to be exploited in SEO campaigns by creating an artificial scarcity that can make the audience vie for the items on offer. This can be in the form of some limited period sale or offering some selected items that are likely not to be available again very soon. Thus, hype is created that drives the audience towards buying it.

Be a problem solver

Take advantage of the general aversion shown by the audience towards problems and come forward with solutions for it. Know about the pain areas of the target audience and address it with solutions that the audience would find attractive enough to be engaged in a positive transaction.

Analyzing and exploiting psychology of the audience for marketing content is being hailed as neuromarketing.

About the author – Stewart Robinson is a SEO professional and blogger who has been associated in the field from its early days. He is looked upon as one of the most respected personalities in the industry. Having seen the process of search engine optmization evolve into its present form, he is capable of throwing light on the latest happenings of the industry.

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