Martin Yale Integrates Business Processes With Epicor®

May 25, 2011 No Comments

SOURCE:  Epicor

Epicor Software Corporation, a global leader in business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organizations, today announced that Martin Yale, a leading manufacturer of high performance information assurance solutions, including paper shredders, degaussers, and disintegrators, will implement Epicor’s next-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution in Germany following a successful implementation in the US. The implementation will enable Martin Yale to continue fulfilling its global strategy to integrate production and business processes worldwide.

Martin Yale will replace all existing enterprise applications in Germany with Epicor to ensure consistent data integration across borders. “Last year we successfully replaced our existing ERP system with Epicor in our US offices,” said Dieter Eberhardt, chief financial officer for Martin Yale Group. “We chose Epicor because it offers us significant advantages. Numerous reference customers in the US proved to us that Epicor’s flexible technology simplifies the implementation and adaptation to individual and country-specific requirements.”

At the German site, Martin Yale plans to implement Epicor’s entire suite of modules to integrate their business processes from order through production and logistics to customer and financial management. “With the international functionality and comprehensive master data management (MDM) of Epicor, we can eliminate data gaps, avoid manual processes and achieve a significant improvement in data consistency,” explained Eberhardt. “A fully integrated system creates an overview of the entire value chain, enabling us to coordinate and plan ahead faster.”

Epicor’s flexible architecture allows Martin Yale to easily manipulate core processes while maintaining efficient controls with business process management (BPM), and mobile ERP functionality for sales people ‘on the go.’ In addition, the entire product lifecycle can be mapped as required with Epicor product lifecycle management (PLM). “Our previous experience with ERP selection and implementation demonstrated that Epicor met all requirements that must be satisfied with a modern ERP system, but with considerably lower entry and follow-up costs,” said Eberhardt. “Adaptations and extensions can easily be implemented in the future because of the flexible BPM technology, and this means that we can have full confidence in our investment being protected well into the future.”

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