Meet Jeff Jonas, the Latest IBM Fellow With No College Degree

September 4, 2012 No Comments

jeff jonas Meet Jeff Jonas, the Latest IBM Fellow With No College DegreeThis week, IBM announced its next group of IBM Fellows, seven of its employees who share, according to the press release, “a commitment to tackling the world’s biggest problems with ingenuity, invention and inspiration.” The designation is a big deal for IBM, and over the years only 238 staff members have been so honored.

One of the more interesting choices this time is Jeff Jonas, a 47-year old chief scientist with the company who blogs here. Jonas never graduated from college with any degree but is clearly one of the smarter people you’ll ever come across. He is also quite a character.

Unlike many of his fellow Fellows – who have resumes that you might have trouble parsing – Jonas has lived a very interesting life and worked on numerous problems that are easily understood by the rest of us.

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