Microsoft apps: the road ahead

April 14, 2011 No Comments

Two hours into Convergence 2011 and I was wondering why I’d come. The keynotes, while beautifully crafted and 100% buzzword compliant, were like one of those Chinese take away meals where you feel stuffed from overindulgence but ultimately unsatisfied.

It wasn’t helped by the fact Kirill Tatarinov, who leads the Dynamics team, got himself in a horrible pickle trying to convince a room full of hard nosed analysts that multi-tenancy doesn’t matter so much and that you can solve many cloud apps scaling issues with hyper virtualization. As I said to one Microsoft exec: “Whatever crack he was on, can I have some please?” It was a bizarre confrontation that left many of us taking sharp intakes of breath at the apparent cluelessness of the man. Why does this matter when Microsoft wants to portray a message of consumption simplicity and a great customer experience?

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