Microsoft Unveils Simplified Licensing Scheme for System Center 2012

January 18, 2012 No Comments


With a new, simplified licensing plan for its System Center 2012, Microsoft is looking to spur the adoption of its private cloud offerings.

f there is one data center problem that cloud computing has obscured more than any other issue, it is licensing. IT managers are finding the licensing surrounding cloud technologies, especially virtualization, have become near impossible to manage. Microsoft, in an effort to spur adoption of its cloud portfolio, is attempting to simplify the licensing scheme for the company’s System Center 2012 offering.

While Microsoft had previewed its licensing plan for System Center 2012 to industry insiders, the company officially announced the scheme Jan. 17.

Garth Fort, general manager of Microsoft’s Server and Cloud Division, highlighted what was changing and how those changes will accelerate private cloud adoption, as well as demystify the licensing around System Center 2012.

Microsoft is moving toward a model in which just two editions of System Center 2012 will replace the dozens of combinations offered in the past, according to Fort. These two editions will include all the primary elements needed to build private clouds.

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