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MicroStrategy Launches Wisdom Professional, Innovative Consumer Analytics Tool That Unlocks Treasure Trove of Consumer Insights

July 10, 2012 No Comments

Source: MicroStrategy Press Release

AMSTERDAM, July 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – MicroStrategy® Incorporated (Nasdaq: MSTR), a leading worldwide provider of business intelligence (BI) software, today announced the availability of MicroStrategy Wisdom Professional™ atMicroStrategy World 2012, the Company’s European user conference being held in Amsterdam.  MicroStrategy Wisdom Professional is an analytical application that can explore the full spectrum of personal data contained in Facebook about consumers, including their demographics, interests, activities and preferences.

MicroStrategy Wisdom Professional provides businesses with unique intelligence on the demographics, interests and social graph of more than 12 million anonymous, opted-in Facebook users.   Businesses using MicroStrategy Wisdom Professional can uncover details about their fans as well as those of their competitors.  Access to these consumer analytics can empower businesses to fine-tune their existing products and services, launch a new product or service to reach specific consumer types, expand into new markets, and more effectively compete in the marketplace. MicroStrategy Wisdom Professional is available immediately on an annual subscription basis.  To sign up for a free month trial of MicroStrategy Wisdom Professional, visit:

MicroStrategy Wisdom Professional Taps into the World’s Biggest Focus Group

MicroStrategy Wisdom Professional allows users to analyze a wide array of consumer data, including demographics, brand interests, media interests, activity interests, social connections, location check-ins, and life events.  MicroStrategy Wisdom Professional empowers companies to perform the following analyses:

  • Demographic and Psychographic Analysis. Comprehensive view of consumer populations according to their demographic attributes, their interests as expressed by “likes” on Facebook, or their activities captured by Facebook “check-ins.” For example, a sports equipment retailer can generate an Interest profile for males, between the ages of 18 and 45, who like Nike and Adidas, to determine what music they should be playing in their stores, what products they should be stocking, and what services they should be providing, all based on the interests of this target segment.
  • Geo-Targeting of Fans. View location and density of your fans and your competitors’ fans plotted on a map.  For example, a local radio station can analyze where their fans live, work, and play, and develop local guerilla marketing promotions based around this intelligence.
  • Brand Interests. Discover your customers’ brand preferences, as well as what they like to read, watch, wear, and much more. Brand or marketing managers can get comprehensive information about their consumers as well as their competitors’ customers.  For example, a convenience store can research the packaged food brands their fans are interested in and stock them.
  • Brand Comparisons. Compare two or more brands directly to identify differences in demographic and psychographic profiles of their fans, such as Amazon vs. Walmart fans.  With this insight, a business is better equipped to plan the promotional mix for an individual brand or product line and make better-informed co-marketing, cross-selling, up-selling, and brand ambassadorship decisions. For example, a product manager can compare the demographics of their fans with those of their competitors to determine differences in location, affluence, age, married status, etc.
  • Audience Research. Analyze audiences for demographic and psychographic characteristics to understand their interests, demographics and psychographic make-up.  For example, a conference organizer can determine in which trade magazines to advertise based on the news preferences of their fans.
  • Psychographic Comparisons. Analyze the interests and demographics of two or more psychographic groups of consumers to reveal valuable insight on how to reach each audience with the right marketing messages. Wisdom Professional contains over 30 pre-defined psychographic groups representing different consumer types, such as outdoor enthusiasts, budget shoppers, pet lovers, brand conscious, and so forth.

MicroStrategy Wisdom Professional also integrates third-party data sources, such as U.S. Census data, to derive income estimates and to backfill missing data points.  The application includes an “affluence score” that indicates the wealth of any given population segment; an “influence score” that ranks a person’s social networking influence; and a “popularity score” that rates a person’s social networking popularity.

“MicroStrategy Wisdom Professional is an innovative customer analytics application that provides businesses with a broad spectrum of Facebook profile information, based on our growing Wisdom Network that currently consists of more than 12 million Facebook users,” said Sanju Bansal, MicroStrategy Chief Operating Officer.  “Whether you work in marketing, research, product development or sales, MicroStrategy Wisdom Professional empowers businesses to learn about their Facebook consumers so that they can provide more personalized products and services, engage with new customers, and gain a competitive advantage.”


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