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Mobile Apps Evolution in Our Life

November 8, 2017 No Comments

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Do you remember when mobile applications became a part of our lives? When did they cross the line between entertainment and business? When did they transform from simple games into professional tools increasing the business and the revenue?

The growth of the mobile industry has been incredible during the last couple of years. Billions of apps have been already downloaded and installed on iPhones and Android devices. Today, all useful information can be found on the phones as well as applications. Every day hundreds of new apps we love appear on the market – music, news, navigation, education, books, food, fitness, weather, social media, entertainment, finance, etc. Among the most popular apps are those which entertain us and help to modernize our devices. For example, applications for VPN services. Such apps help to protect your devices from hackers and cyber criminals while surfing the Net via public Wi-Fi networks. To get more information, click here and find out more about paid and free VPN apps.

Computer Lap 300x199 Mobile Apps Evolution in Our Life

And now let’s look closer at the revolution of mobile applications in general.

History of Mobile Applications

What is actually a mobile application?

A mobile application is kind of a software, which is developed to run mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. But what has everything started with?

To understand why modern apps are the way they are, we need to go back for many and many years. We’re talking about the early years of 2007, 2008, and 2009.

In the very beginning, applications were all about entertainment and gaming. Games is something for everyone. They always have a high level of interest and engagement. So, the first mobile applications were the games. As we all know how addicting those games like Angry Birds and FIFA Football are. To tell you the truth, most people still associate mobile applications with games only. As they don’t see those apps as the tools for communication and business development. But if games are still one of the most popular applications, which one is the best? Among the most frequently downloaded game apps are Merge Town, Need for Speed, FIFA Football, Angry Birds, My Talking Tom, Super Mario Run, and Snake vs Block. And which of these games do you play on a daily basis?

Then, social media apps appeared to contact us with friends and co-workers. The biggest social media apps were Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Those giants are still the leaders on the market.

Times have changed and simple games and social media have transformed into something more serious – business and brand development tools. Popular brands started entering and conquering the app market. They started working on different platforms trying to interest and attract their audience from the offline market into the online. Firstly the online business app market was represented by the big chains and corporations only.

Slowly the tendency has changed and small startups and single entrepreneurs appeared. Today, a single person can represent a whole brand on the mobile application market. Many companies and entrepreneurs have understood that almost all of their customers have phones with applications which make the gap between the company and the customer disappear. It is easy to promote new staff, new collections, new songs, new devices via a mobile app, reaching the audience of several millions only in a second. It is definitely much faster and cheaper than offline promotion campaign is.

Now a lot of things from real life can be placed in the cloud of your mobile device – emails, documents, pictures, music, movies, etc.

Even the beginners understand the importance of mobile applications in the business development. Many mobile applications are not only the effective ways of promotion. They create a passive income stream and get in touch with potential customers.

Cell Phone 300x194 Mobile Apps Evolution in Our LifeHow It Works

Applications are not something very simple to do. Today, the audience is much more demanding for authentic applications than ever before. There is a whole team of developers, testers, designers, supporters, and managers who are working on creating those perfect apps. It is a puzzle of completely different skills and approaches, which come in one piece in the end. Mobile apps can benefit your business in a really good manner if everything is done on the highest level possible. Statistics show that qualitative mobile apps can boost the business up to 79% more than the traditional advertisements. At the same time, applications require a lot of budget and time to setting up and launching on the market.

Today, large companies are ready to spend more on applications and digital ads instead of traditional promotion campaigns. Business apps have replaced business cards completely. People reach for their phones to get the latest updates from their favorite clothing stores, restaurants, and coffee shops.

But how many applications do exist in the whole world at the moment? For now, the numbers are approximately the following:

·      App Store has over 2.100.000 applications;

·      Google Play Store has over 3.000.000 applications.

And the numbers keep growing. Mobile apps are taking over the world. They have already left television behind.

And what is your favorite application? Is it a game or a music app? Or maybe a financial app? How many applications have been already downloaded on your phone during this year?


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