Mobile BI Deployed by Less Than One in Ten Companies Using Business Intelligence Software

October 14, 2011 No Comments


The BI Survey 10, a major new report based on the findings of the world’s largest survey of business intelligence (BI) end-users, reveals that only 8% of companies using BI software are currently accessing reports on mobile devices.

“With all the buzz around mobile BI at the moment, I expect that many people will be surprised that it has such a low adoption rate,” said Barney Finucane, lead author of The BI Survey 10.

“But I think there are two major reasons for this low figure,” continued Finucane. “Firstly, the heaviest consumers of BI tend to be the folks who spend most of their time deskbound, such as business analysts and report designers. And secondly, the prime candidates for mobile BI usage, namely high-level, jet-setting executives, are often too busy to be running reports on the move and prefer to be fed them by someone else.”

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